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Custom Face Masks with Photo or Design

  • Upload photo/logo or choose one of our designs
  • One Size Fits All
  • Lowest-Price-In-USA Guarantee more
  • Machine washable on warm cycle

Not certified for any specific or medical use. Not considered personal protective equipment.


customask neo
customask neo
customask neo
customask neo
Ready to ship in 1-2 days


  • NEW! Now also available for kids
  • Secured with robust earloops
  • Printed with choice of design – or your own photo
  • 100% soft neoprene, can be sterilized in oven or microwave
$ 14.90
from $ 6
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Tip: Order 10+ masks and pay only $ 6/piece

customask premium
customask premium
customask premium
customask premium
Ready to ship in 1-2 days


  • Adjustable straps and metal nosepiece
  • Printed with your photo or a choice of designs
  • Outer layer: 100% polyester
  • Inner layer: 100% cotton
$ 24.90
from $ 10
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Tip: Order 10+ masks and pay only $10/piece

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Safe for the Whole Family

Our inks are water-based, solvent-free and odorless. This makes our face masks safe for adults and kids.

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$ 14.90

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$ 14.90

$6 each
$ 14.90
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$14 each
$ 24.90

$13 each
$ 24.90
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$10 each
$ 24.90
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Your Custom Face Mask Printed on Demand

  • face mask NEO
  • face mask PREMIUM

A photo of your choice or one of our colorful designs will make the CUSTOMASK® face mask a stylish yet practical accessory. The CUSTOMASK® NEO is made of soft neoprene and is secured with comfortable fabric earloops. The CUSTOMASK® PREMIUM has a soft inner layer of cotton for maximum comfort, and adjustable straps and nosepiece for a close fit. Both face masks are machine washable on the warm cycle (up to 140°F) and can be reused. The NEO mask can also be sterilized in the oven or microwave. Please note: Our custom face masks have not been scientifically tested and are not intended for medical uses, such as the treatment or prevention of disease.

For reasons of hygiene, the face mask cannot be returned once purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Custom Face Mask

What size is the CUSTOMASK® face mask?

The CUSTOMASK® face masks are available in 3 versions. The CUSTOMASK® NEO for adults is (incl. earloops) approx. 11" x 5" in size and is secured with neoprene earloops. The CUSTOMASK® NEO for kids is (incl. earloops) approx. 9" x 4". The CUSTOMASK® PREMIUM is approx. 7" x 6" in size and comes with adjustable earloops.

What is the difference between the CUSTOMASK® NEO and PREMIUM face masks?

The CUSTOMASK® NEO consists of a single layer of neoprene fabric and is secured by robust fabric earloops. The CUSTOMASK® PREMIUM consists of 2 layers (an inner layer of cotton and an outer layer of polyester) and comes with adjustable earloops and a flexible metal nosepiece that adapts to the wearer’s contours.

Both versions of the CUSTOMASK® can be customized with your own photo or with one of our range of design choices.

How will my photo look when printed on the CUSTOMASK® PREMIUM face mask?

Your personalized CUSTOMASK® PREMIUM face mask undergoes a multi-stage production process. Once you have customized your mask, your photo will be printed in sharp resolution using state-of-the-art technology (we use solvent-free inks). The pleats are sewn only after the image has been printed, so your photo will be printed in its entirety on the mask and will be fully visible when you wear it.

Are the CUSTOMASK® NEO and PREMIUM masks suitable for a range of face shapes, including children’s faces?

The CUSTOMASK® face masks are made to adapt to different face shapes.

The CUSTOMASK® NEO "Kids" is suitable for children aged 4 to 12. The design of the mask, with elasticated earloops, ensures a close fit. While the adjustable elastic earloops of the CUSTOMASK® PREMIUM ensure a close and comfortable fit for adults and children aged 10 and up.

How often can the CUSTOMASK® NEO and PREMIUM face masks be washed?

We use dye-sublimation printing to produce our CUSTOMASK® face mask, meaning that the inks penetrate deep into the material fibres. This ensures that your print will not lose its exceptional quality even after repeated washing. Please note that the mask is machine washable at up to 140°F. When it has been washed, your mask is ready to be used again.

At what temperature can the CUSTOMASK® face mask be washed?

The CUSTOMASK® NEO can be machine-washed at up to 140°F and can also be disinfected at 170°F in your oven or microwave. The CUSTOMASK® PREMIUM can be machine-washed at 140°F but should not be placed in the oven/microwave. The CUSTOMASK® PREMIUM is not suitable for fast spin cycles.

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