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What Is a Canvas Print? All You Need to Know

Canvas prints are where refined digital printing meets premium canvas fabric that's stretched over a wooden frame. With a flawless print applied directly to canvas using an inkjet printer, canvas prints are a great way to bring your dearest memories to life. Sounds simple, right?

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Where Can I get the Best Photo Canvas Deals?

Despite the vast selection of canvas printing services on the web, some customers struggle to find a dependable outlet where they can buy personalized photo prints. And who can blame them? Often, the richer and more varied the choice is, the more confused we can get.

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How to Make Creative Photo Gifts for Friends

Festivities and celebrations make up a big part of our lives. Just take a look at your calendar and you’re sure to see a birthday, public holiday or other celebration approaching. They come around so often that we can find ourselves recycling the same old gift ideas again and again. But, should it really be that way?

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Update Office with Photo Metal Prints

The perfectly sophisticated office space – clean, shining hallways, a few decorative plants, modern minimalist decor, and of course a large-format aluminum photo print displayed as wall art, perhaps featuring a historical photo of the building. If any format was made to signal importance, refinement and potency, then aluminum is without a doubt the foremost contender.

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Do Cheap Canvas Prints Mean Bad Prints?

When we’re considering our next home-decor purchase, too often we assume a close link between quality and price. True, a hefty figure on the price tag is sometimes an indicator of premium performance – but this isn’t always the case. Here we take a look at what really determines a high-quality product, and show that cheap canvas prints don’t have to mean bad canvas prints.

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