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Conditions of participation in CANVASDISCOUNT influencer program

Picanova Inc., 3443 NW 107th Street, Miami FL 33167, hereinafter referred to as CANVASDISCOUNT, is the organizer and person responsible for the implementation of the partner program.

By participating in the partner program at and the participant (hereinafter jointly referred to as “participant”) accepts these conditions of participation.

  1. Eligibility

    Any natural person who has reached the age of 18 and has full legal capacity can participate. The participant assures that the product evaluation will only be carried out in an appropriate environment. Political, abusive, sexually offensive, illegal or otherwise degrading environments are not permitted.

    CANVASDISCOUNT reserves the right to exclude participants from participating in the influencer program in the event of a violation of the above-mentioned placement conditions without giving reasons.

  2. Selection of partners

    The selection will only take place among those participants who have fully filled in all of the input fields required to participate in the partner program. CANVASDISCOUNT reserves the right to reject individual applications without giving reasons.

  3. Implementation & processing

    A participant takes part in the partner program by applying for free via the link If a participant has been selected for the collaboration, he will receive an individual voucher code for an amount of $75 to the specified email address, via which products can be ordered at The voucher code is valid for three months.

    After receiving the product package, the participant assures to report on the experience with the product in the form of a post on his Instagram channel within one month and to use the following markings and hashtags: @canvasdiscount_com, #CANVASDISCOUNTcom and #CANVASDISCOUNT. With the publication of the experience report, CANVASDISCOUNT must be named as the organizer of the influencer program. Image and text content must be sent to CANVASDISCOUNT for review prior to publication.

    It is expressly forbidden to mention other companies, products, or services and to share links to other promotions. The participant is also allowed to publish product reviews including the offer link on other channels such as Facebook, YouTube, or a blog. The participant is prohibited from removing the contribution within 12 months after publication. After the cooperation has ended, the participant can leave the partner program by informing CANVASDISCOUNT of his departure.

  4. Tracking cookies

    The cookie tracking may only be set after a valid click by a user on the advertising material and when the landing page is called up. It is forbidden to use techniques that result in the advertising material being clicked on without the conscious action of a user, e.g., pop or side-unders. This type of campaign will not be accepted. A click is only valid if it was made voluntarily.

  5. Compensation

    The participant does not receive any compensation other than product voucher mentioned in point 3.

  6. Third party rights

    Participants may not violate the personal rights, copyrights, trademark rights or intellectual property rights of any third party or organization. By publishing the photo or video, the participant declares that he has all rights to the material and that it is free from third-party rights. If one or more people are recognizable in the photo or in the video, the respective people must agree to the publication. The respective declaration of consent must be submitted to CANVASDISCOUNT upon request. The participants must be the holder of all distribution and exploitation rights.

  7. Disclaimer

    The participants are solely responsible for the correctness of the information given to us. The participant is responsible for claims by third parties if he uses material to which he does not have the rights, or which otherwise violates applicable law. In this respect, CANVASDISCOUNT is released from the obligation to pay compensation for the participant. If a photo violates applicable law and/or a participant provides incorrect information, the participants concerned shall indemnify CANVASDISCOUNT from any resulting liability towards third parties.

  8. Right of use/Transfer of rights

    The participant grants CANVASDISCOUNT the non-exclusive, temporally, spatially, and content-unrestricted and sub-licensable commercial and transferable right to use the motifs irrevocably and free of charge. The granting of rights expressly includes all known and unknown forms of offer options on the Internet, in particular the possibility of integration within paid online services, websites, and social media.
    This transfer of rights includes in particular:

    • Processing right
    • Editing right
    • Right of reproduction
    • Right of distribution
    • Right of publication
    • Right to digital recording
    • Right of compilation
    • Archiving right
    • Subsidiary printing rights
    • Advertising right
    • Merchandising right
    • Right of first publication

    Right to use previously unknown technologies that will only emerge in the future, whereby statutory rights of withdrawal remain unaffected.

    The participant is free to produce, distribute and/or otherwise reproduce these motifs as well as any copies and/or redesigns or embodiments of these motifs himself or through third parties.

    CANVASDISCOUNT is also entitled to use the motifs on packaging material and in advertising (offline and online) and to actively advertise them or have them advertised. If (partial) rights of the participant have already arisen or have been acquired, the transfer of rights takes place when the photo is uploaded. The participant declares that he waives the right of access and renounces naming and naming the motif. Nevertheless, the name is usually mentioned.

    CANVASDISCOUNT is not obliged to exercise these rights.

  9. Data protection

    The participants send CANVASDISCOUNT personal data such as name, address and email address. CANVASDISCOUNT saves these and uses them to carry out the partner program. The participant data is used in compliance with data protection laws and is not transmitted to third parties. You can find the data protection declaration here:

    By participating in the partner program, the participant agrees to the electronic collection and processing of the personal data they have transmitted as part of the provision of the experience reports for the CANVASDISCOUNT Instagram channel @canvasdiscount_com.

    If your data should be used for other purposes, this will be announced in advance and will only take place with your consent.

    Status: 03/20/2023

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