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Your Photo on Blanket

  • Soft and cuddly fleece 
  • Super comfy and care-free
  • Perfect for your home or as a picnic blanket
  • Machine washable vibrant photo print
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Fleece Blanket

Size Retail Price Factory Price
27 x 40 $ 59.00 $ 22.00
40 x 60 $ 99.00 $ 33.00
60 x 80 $ 129.00 $ 44.00

Premium Plush Blanket

Size Retail Price Factory Price
27 x 40 $ 99.00 $ 35.00
40 x 60 $ 159.00 $ 55.00
60 x 80 $ 199.00 $ 80.00

What is our Custom Photo Blanket?

  • photo blanket full view
  • photo blanket close up view
  • photo blanket room view

Our Custom Photo Blanket is a totally unique lifestyle item made from ultra-soft polar fleece. The custom blanket displays a full-area reproduction of your photo, printed with a special dye-sublimation technique for the very best results. Available in two different great versions.

List of Great Features for the Photo Blanket

  • Wonderfully soft polar fleece
  • Stunning full-area photo reproduction
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing techniques
  • Long-lasting dye-sublimation print
  • Choice of three different sizes

Customized Blanket with 2 Great Versions

standard personalized photo blanket

Fleece Photo Blanket

  • Super warm and cuddly fleece
  • Rounded corners, washable on cool cycle
  • Odorless, hypoallergenic print
  • Versatile and long-lasting
  • Perfect gift idea at a great price
premium personalized photo blanket

Premium Plush Photo Blanket

  • Polar fleece plus extra layer of plush
  • Squared corners, washable on cold cycle
  • Double depth for unbeatable coziness
  • Odorless, hypoallergenic print
  • Premium item for true luxury

Frequently Asked Questions About our Custom Blankets

Why Are Our Photo Blankets the Best?

Featuring a vivid, machine-washable print on super-soft fleece, custom photo blankets from CANVASDISCOUNT.com make brilliant accessories regardless of the season. We use dye sublimation to print your favorite photo memories in superbly crisp definition.

How do You Maintain a Photo Blanket?

Custom blankets from CANVASDISCOUNT.com are super easy to maintain. You can machine-wash your picture blanket, but to ensure it stays in its original condition we recommend choosing the cold cycle and avoiding the use of fabric softeners. To get more information about photo blanket maintenance, visit this article.

What are Our Personalized Blankets Made From?

All our blankets are made from a layer of soft polar fleece, and our double-depth premium version includes an additional layer of luxurious plush. We source our fabrics carefully: all are made according to strict eco-friendly policies.

What if My Blanket Print Starts to Fade?

With the minimum of care, there's no need to worry about your photo print losing its original fidelity. The dye-sublimation method employed in the manufacturing process ensures the colors will keep their beautiful vibrancy for many years to come.

Are Customized Blankets Suitable for Everyone?

Personalized blankets from CANVASDISCOUNT.com are perfectly safe for everyone to use. Produced using non-toxic, hypoallergenic inks, these blankets are safe for the whole family.

Custom Blankets – Unique Lifestyle Accessories

Cutting-Edge Printing, Simple Maintenance

Our state-of-the-art print technology gets results that have to be seen to be believed. The dye-sublimation process forces the inks deep into the core of the fabric fibers – so the colors of our picture blankets aren’t just superbly vivid, they’re long-lasting too! All our personalized blankets are machine-washable – just use the cool cycle (or cold cycle for premium plush) and it will stay in superb condition for years to come. And like all our products, the picture blanket is manufactured in line with strict eco-friendly policies.

Picture Blanket with Your Photo

Our personalized photo blankets are made from ultra-soft and cozy polar fleece – plus an added layer of exceptionally downy plush if you choose the premium version. Displaying a full-area print of any image you choose in stunningly vibrant color, a custom blanket makes the perfect gift for your loved ones. Why not surprise them with a true-to-life reproduction of a shared photo memory, printed on a super-snuggly household favorite! Odorless and hypoallergenic, these are cheap custom blankets which give you the performance of true premium items.

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