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Photo Tiles with Best-Price Guarantee

  • Stick, remove, then stick again!
  • Innovative 8” x 8” lightfoam tiles
  • FREE adhesive pads by
  • Buy 9 and get Free Shipping
  • Free shipping on orders over $70
  • Ready to ship within 24 hours

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Straight from our Factories

Get top-quality, family-friendly photo tiles – made right here in the United States. Ready to ship within 24 hours and with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Introduction in 30 Seconds

Eye-catching MIXPIX® bring fun and style to your home.

Bring your walls to life

Fast, flexible and easy

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mixpix tiles

As individual as you are

Rearrange your lightweight MIXPIX® at any time to suit your mood or the season.

mixpix with tesa adhesive pad

MIXPIX® suit almost any wall

The adhesive pads from tesa logo have perfect grip – on a wide range of surfaces.

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Order quickly and easily

No app or login required: just upload your pictures and order!

Sometimes wild, sometimes neat, always different

mixpix variations

Arrange your MIXPIX® as a clean grid, in fancy patterns or freestyle.

Wall design has never been easier

It’s a fresh new approach to hanging your pictures. Keep nails and screws in the toolbox and just stick your lightweight MIXPIX® on the wall!

These lightfoam photo tiles come with special adhesive pads that will stick to virtually any robust surface and are easy to remove. Tip: to make sure the pads can be removed without leaving residue, simply test them in an inconspicuous area of your wall first.

Turn your photos into eye-catching decor tiles – it takes no time at all. Your high-resolution MIXPIX® will bring fun and style to your home!

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2020-12-01. Together with a rating of 9.4 stars out of the available 10, Canvasdiscount.com has an excellent satisfaction level of 94% out of the maximum 100% from visitors of the site, based on 5660 reviews collected by Trustpilot. Design your MIXPIX® Photo Tiles now!

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