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Your Photo on Towel

One-off printed towel at home or on the go
  • Unique customized photo towel 
  • Soft and durable terry cloth
  • Advanced hypoallergenic printing
  • Great choice for the beach, sauna, anywhere!
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Photo Towel

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Create a Unique Custom Photo Towel

  • personalised photo towel as beach towel
  • personalised photo towel detailed view
  • personalised photo towel as bath towel

A Custom Photo Towel gives you the great performance of any premium terry-cloth towel but displays a full-area print reproduction of YOUR photo. Each custom towel is hypoallergenic and machine washable. Dye-sublimation printing gives your personalized photo towel unbeatable color fastness.

List of benefits from your Photo Towel

  • Premium-quality terry cloth
  • Quick-drying and hypoallergenic
  • Will last for many years with simple maintenance
  • Dye-sublimation technique for superb color fastness
  • Stunning full-area print of your photo

Versatile and Dependable Personalized Towels

Personalized Beach Towel That’s Ready for Action

This is your chance to display that cherished photo on a premium lifestyle companion. Use it on vacation as a personalized beach towel and you can really make a splash! Stunning color intensity and state-of-the-art image reproduction make this the perfect custom beach towel for any water baby. It works just as well back home as a snuggly personalized bath towel if you’d rather keep it all to yourself!

Ultra-Modern Production Techniques, Timeless Values

We use a revolutionary dye-sublimation technique to print your photo towel, letting the inks penetrate to the core of the fiber. Deeper printing yields the rich and vibrant colors that made our name. It also ensures that your print will keep its crisp definition after years of tough drying duties! Your photo towel is crafted using the most sophisticated technology – so relax and enjoy the simple pleasures!

Custom Towels - An Inspired Gift Idea

Personalized towels make fantastic gifts for your loved ones, whatever their pace of life. Choose a stunning vista from an unforgettable family holiday in the sun, or a portrait of the whole gang together. Your photo will be emblazoned on luxurious terry cloth that’s quick-drying, ultra-cozy and supremely soft. Give them a customized photo towel – because who doesn’t love to get wrapped up in memories?

Simple Design Process, Simple Care Regime

You can navigate our easy three-step ordering process in a few minutes: upload your image, make your customization choices using our great preview window, then proceed to the checkout page. We insist on hypoallergenic printing for our custom towels, so they’re safe for all. Maintenance will be no trouble at all – just be sure to select the cool cycle on your washing machine.

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