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How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Wall Decoration and Home & Lifestyle: Shipped within 24h, with delivery taking an additional 2-6 business days
Photo Gifts + MIXPIX: Shipped within 48h, with delivery taking an additional 5-10 business days

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What payment options are there?

You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Amazon Pay and PayPal.

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How can I check the status of my delivery?

You can check the current shipping status of your order at any time at order status. Just enter the order number provided in your confirmation email, as well as the email address you used when ordering.

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What should I do if my order is damaged in transit?

In rare cases our products get damaged in transit, despite our careful packaging practices. You should take pictures of the damaged item and the packaging using a digital camera and send them to us via email. Please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can replace the item in a timely fashion.

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Which image file type should I upload?

We can process .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF or .WEBP file formats, with a maximum data size of 60 MB. We recommend .JPG, .JPEG or .PNG files for best results.

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Why is there a limited number of formats available after I upload my image?

Our system analyzes your uploaded picture and displays all the formats which will allow for a high-quality print. If you want a size larger than those shown, you may need to upload a picture with a higher resolution. If you’d like help with this, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

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What edge designs are available for canvas prints?

You can choose from the following options:

Folded Edge Your canvas is wrapped over the frame in classic gallery style. The margins of your image will appear on the sides of the frame, so make sure any vital elements of your photo aren’t too close to the edge!
folded edge
Mirrored Edge The image of your choice is fully visible on the front side of the canvas print. The margins of your photo are then copied, inverted and printed on the frame edges to create a mirror image effect.
mirrored edge
Stretched Edge The pixels at the outer border of your photo are stretched lengthwise across the frame sides to create a striking blur effect. Your image remains visible in full on the front side of the canvas.
stretched edge
White Edge Your photo is scaled to appear in full on the front side of your canvas. The sides of the frame are covered with a pure white edge that provides a clean border and intensifies your image.
white edge
Black Edge As with the White Edge choice, your photo is displayed only on the front of the canvas. A black strip is then printed on the sides of the photo canvas, providing an intense pop of contrast.
black edge

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What frame thickness options are available for canvas prints?

You can order your canvas in a thickness of either ¾" or 1½".

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What if I’m unhappy with my order?

We’re passionate about producing quality canvas prints to bring inspiration to your walls, and we back this up with our 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your canvas print, we’ll either reprint it for you or give you your money back.

Please email us a picture of your item and describe the issue. Our Customer Service representatives are very knowledgeable and will work with you to get you a product you’re happy with.

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What resolution is needed for the image file that I upload?

As a general rule, we don’t recommend using images with a resolution below 75 DPI.

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How large can my image file be?

The system allows you to upload a file up to 60 megabytes (MB) in size.

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What is the best way to mount my canvas on the wall?

For the best results, we recommend adding our hanger sets to your order in the Shopping Cart.
Here are two methods for mounting your canvas using our hanger set:

  1. Insert the nails into your wall close together. Attach the sawtooth hanger (with its serrated edge facing downwards) to the back of your canvas at the top. Then simply rest the sawtooth hanger on the heads of the nails. This method is better suited to smaller formats.
  2. Attach the picture hooks to the back of your canvas, one at each side, with the eyelets facing each other. Thread the cord through the eyelets and tie it at the ends to make a loop. Then insert the nails into the wall at a fair distance apart from each other, and rest the cord on the nails to support the frame of your canvas. This method can be used for larger formats.

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How important is the aspect ratio for the production of my print?

The aspect ratio describes the ratio of length to width of an image. Common examples are 3:2 and 4:3. If the aspect ratio of your image differs too greatly from that of your desired print, the desired print will not be offered, as otherwise your image would need to be excessively cropped. If you edit your image to adjust its aspect ratio before uploading, you should be offered your desired format.

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I haven’t received an order confirmation.

You should receive a confirmation email after you complete your order. If you can’t see this in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If there’s still no sign of your email, please contact our Customer Service team.

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After uploading my photo, I receive the notification "Invalid file format".

An invalid file format error message can occur for one of two reasons:

  1. The file you uploaded is not in the correct file format. We can process .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF and .WEBP formats, up to a maximum data size of 60 MB. We recommend .JPG, .JPEG or .PNG files for best results. Please check your file type and if necessary use a picture processing program to change it to one of the file formats we can work with.
  2. The filename of your photo contains special characters, such as periods, commas, spaces etc. Please rename your file so that the filename is free of these characters and upload again.

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Can I see a preview of my print before finalizing my order?

Yes! Once you’ve uploaded your image, you’ll be taken to the Configuration page where there’s a preview window showing you how your print will look. Any customization choices you make will immediately be reflected in the preview image.

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Can I cancel my order?

Yes. Please email or call our Customer Service office toll free on +1-305-507-8430 (Monday-Friday, 11am–4pm EST) to cancel your order.

If your order has already been shipped, we’ll ask you to wait for the package to arrive. Our policy is then to ask you to destroy the items and send us photographic proof that this has been done. We will then process your refund.

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What if I need to make a change after I place my order?

Please note that once your order has been placed we are unable to make any changes to your product specifications. This is due to our automated production processes.

We may be able to make changes to the delivery information you provided (e.g. name, address, phone number). Please contact us.

Once your order has shipped we are unable to make changes to your delivery information, so we would ask you to contact the shipping provider directly. You can check the status of your order here order status.

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I haven’t received an invoice.

An invoice should automatically be sent to the e-mail address you provided during the order process. If you can’t see this in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If there’s still no sign of your email, please contact our Customer Service team.

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Do you offer wholesale prices?

Yes, we do! We offer wholesale pricing for orders of 20 canvases or more. Simply fill out the commercial user account registration form on our website (https://www.canvasdiscount.com/registration.jsf) and we’ll get in contact with you about our commercial discounts.

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I cancelled my order, why haven't I seen a refund on my credit card?

Please allow 3-5 business days after a refund has been processed for the funds to reach your account. If you still don’t see a refund after this period, please contact our Customer Service team.

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Why have you charged sales tax on my order?

A June 2018 ruling by the US Supreme Court (South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc.) introduced significant changes for the American e-commerce industry with regard to the handling of state and local sales tax. Like most other e-commerce companies, we are now obliged to charge sales tax on certain orders. We will add sales tax to a given order if this is required by the tax regulations in the state to which the order is delivered.

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Other companies don’t charge sales tax, why do you?

We cannot comment on how other companies handle their tax obligations. However, if a company does not have a so-called tax nexus in a particular state, the company’s commercial presence in that state may be too small for them to be required to charge sales tax.

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Do you accept resale certificates?

The rules and regulations governing the validity of resale certificates can vary significantly between the different states. Some states are quite free in their acceptance of out-of-state resale certificates, while others place significant restrictions on them. We are currently evaluating different solutions to introduce a new resale certificate acceptance policy. At the moment, however, we regret that we are unable to accept resale certificates for e-commerce orders.

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Your company is located in Florida. Why do you charge sales tax in other states?

Due to the June 2018 US Supreme Court ruling concerning sales tax obligations for out-of-state sellers (South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc), some states now require companies with a so-called tax nexus within the state to charge sales tax on orders delivered to the state. Like most companies, we surpass the tax nexus requirements in every state and must therefore charge sales tax where required.

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What are the rules on shipping taxability in each state?

Shipping charges are usually taxable in the following states, regardless of whether they are included in the price of an order:

  • Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming.

Conversely, in the following states shipping charges are not taxable if included in the price of an order:

  • Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland (with certain exceptions), Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin.

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How is my order packaged?

To ensure that your goods reach you undamaged, we only use special high-quality packaging for our products. Many products are also protected with bubble wrap.

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What if I’m not at home when the delivery arrives?

If your order is being delivered to a business/commercial address and there’s nobody around to collect it, the shipping provider will keep hold of the package and leave a message. The courier will make a second attempt at delivery the next business day. If your order is being delivered to a residential address and nobody is home, the courier will leave the package at your front door on the first delivery attempt.

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I still haven´t received my order. What should I do?

Please visit order status and enter your order number to check the progress of your order. If you have any further issues, please contact our Customer Service team by email or telephone at contact us.

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What happens to my personal information?

Your images and all bank information are deleted from our system after 60 days. We’ll keep your email and order history with us on record so we can continue to offer you great discounts throughout the year. None of your information is shared with any third party. Check out our privacy policy here: https://www.canvasdiscount.com/privacy-policy/.

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What is your returns policy?

You can return your goods within 30 days of purchase if you are not completely satisfied.
Please email us an image of your delivered item. Please specify whether you are requesting an exchange or refund, as well as your reason for doing so. Include the order number and the name and email address used for the order. We will get in touch with you by the end of the next working day.
For more information please see our refund policy here: https://www.canvasdiscount.com/reprints-and-returns/.

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What should I do if my item is damaged?

If your product is damaged, please contact our Customer Service team via email, stating the order number and the name and email address used for the order. Please include a picture of the delivered item (including the packaging), so that we can determine whether the damage occurred during shipment or production. Please refrain from returning damaged items.

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What should I do if my shipment is not what I ordered?

If the shipment is not what you expected, firstly please check your order details on the invoice. If your order does not correspond to the invoice details, please get in touch with our Customer Service team.

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What should I do if my product shows color differences?

Our printers are checked regularly to ensure they print your image in accordance with the preview. If the colors of your print differ from those which were shown in the preview window, this is likely due to the color setting of your monitor. If your print shows a very significant color discrepancy, please send a photo of your product to our Customer Service team via email.

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What should I do if my photos are blurry or out of focus?

If any of your photos are blurry and/or out of focus, it’s likely that this is because the resolution of your photos was not sufficient. Please send a photo of your product to our Customer Service team via email.

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What should I do if part of my order is missing?

Please note that products with different packaging requirements are shipped separately, so your order could arrive in as many as 3 separate deliveries.
In the unlikely event that all your deliveries have arrived but elements of your order are missing, please contact our Customer Service team and we’ll immediately start work on getting your missing products to you.

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How can I complain constructively about you?

We appreciate any feedback that helps us to improve. If you have a complaint, our customer service will be happy to find a satisfactory solution for you. For general complaints about your order, please use our email address and provide us with your order number and a detailed description of the issue. For product complaints, please include a photo of the product which clearly shows its deficiencies.

If you are still unsatisfied after processing your request, you can send us a further complaint. With this step we would like to use your criticism to improve our service. Please use the contact option on this page: canvasdiscount.com/complaint

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Vouchers & Gift Certificates

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Where can I redeem my voucher or promotional code?

You can redeem your coupon code directly in the shopping basket. Please enter your code in the field provided and click on "Redeem here!".

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What do I do if my coupon code doesn't work?

Please check that you have entered the redemption code correctly – we strongly recommend using copy + paste rather than typing your code in.

Please also check that your voucher is valid for the exact product and format in your shopping cart, that any expiry date has not been passed, and that your voucher allows delivery to the region selected. All this information will be available on your voucher.

If all the details are correct but your voucher still does not work, please contact our Customer Service team.

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Can I redeem my coupon once I've already placed my order?

We regret that once an order has been placed it’s not possible to claim any voucher discount.

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Can I use more than one voucher for a single order?

We regret that it is not possible to combine multiple vouchers. Only one voucher code may be redeemed per order.
Please note also that vouchers cannot be combined with special offers. Free shipping for orders over a certain price is considered to be a special offer for these purposes.

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