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16'' x 16'' Reg $ 44.90
$ 22.90

Your Photo on Pillow

  • Particularly soft pillow from refined satin  
  • High-tech photo printing
  • Including fluffy filling
  • Handmade and perfect as a gift
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16 x 16 $ 44.90 $ 22.90

What is our Photo Pillow?

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  • photo pillow detailed view
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Our Photo Pillow is a handmade textile product featuring a deluxe print of your photo. The soft filling is enclosed by a fine-satin pillow cover and secured with a quality zipper. A cool wash setting is recommended to preserve the high-resolution print of your photo pillow intact.

List of benefits from your Custom Photo Pillow

  • Hand-crafted quality accessory
  • Incredibly soft filling secured with a quality zipper
  • Cutting-edge printing ensures superb photo reproduction
  • Manufactured according to our eco-friendly policies
  • Easy to maintain if washed at low temperatures

Custom Pillows with Finest Craftsmanship

A Photo on a High-Quality Personalized Pillow

What could be better than waking up every day with your most precious photo memories by your side? Our custom pillow is a fusion of quality textile manufacturing and highly advanced precision printing. We provide completely true-to-life reproductions of your cherished photos which don’t cause any harm to the natural world. And the fabulously soft filling and handy size dimensions mean our photo pillows are excellent travel companions!

True-to-Life Photo Reproduction on a Fine-Satin Surface

The photo of your choice will be printed on the top-quality fine-satin pillow cover. With an odorless, hypoallergenic print version of your special image, the photo pillow is sure to become a firm favorite on your bed or sofa. We use state-of-the-art printing technologies to achieve a visual effect that’s second to none. The colors and resolution of your print will be faithful to the original photo, and a pleasing contrast is achieved by the solid-white reverse side of the personalized pillow.

Easy to Design, Easy to Maintain

The design of your photo pillow won’t take more than 5 minutes of your precious time. Upload your beloved image, complete the simple customization and then proceed to checkout. Your custom pillow will arrive looking just as good as it did on the preview screen. A tepid wash is recommended to maintain your personalized pillow in perfect condition. A beautiful accessory piece, it’s also ideal when you just want a good nap!

Original Gift Solution for Your Loved Ones

A custom pillow is a brilliant way to surprise your loved ones. With the option to print any image of your choice, you really can’t go wrong if you choose a photo pillow as a gift. Easy to design, wallet-friendly and manufactured in just a couple of days from the moment you place your order, it’s a quick gift solution that always hits the mark. Just ask the thousands of satisfied customers who’ve made the photo pillow one of our best-selling items!

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