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Premium photo pillow

Luxury custom pillow with super-soft
premium plush surface

Satin photo pillow

Classic satin custom pillow – superb quality at a great price

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Safe for the Whole Family

Our inks are water-based, solvent-free and odorless. This makes our pillows safe for adults, kids and even pets.

Satin Pillow

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Size Retail Price Factory Price
16 x 16 $ 44.90 $ 22.90

Premium Plush Pillow

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Size Retail Price Factory Price
12 x 12 $ 44.90 $ 22.90
16 x 16 $ 58.90 $ 29.90
24 x 24 $ 89.90 $ 44.90

What is our Photo Pillow?

  • photo pillow full view
  • photo pillow detailed view
  • photo pillow room view

Our Photo Pillow is a hand-sewn pillow printed with a superbly vibrant reproduction of your photo. Produced in a classic satin or premium plush format, the machine-washable photo pillow gives you exceptional quality in every way – indulgently soft and glowing with saturated color.

Photo Pillow in Standard or Premium Format

  • Hand-sewn item in superior quality
  • Range of size formats
  • Hypoallergenic, odorless dyes
  • Superb image reproduction
  • Printed case is machine washable

Cheap Photo Cushions – Premium Quality at a Reasonable Price

premium photo cushion

Premium Plush Pillow with Full-Area Print

  • Premium-quality item with borderless image
  • Option of colored reverse or double-sided print
  • 12” x 12”, 16” x 16” and 24” x 24” formats
  • Luxurious premium plush surface
  • Machine washable on cold cycle

classic photo cushion

Satin Photo Pillow with White Border

  • Beautiful home decoration in fine satin
  • Silky finish and super-soft filling
  • 16” x 16” format
  • Vibrant colors and superb print definition
  • Machine washable on cool cycle

Personalized Pillows in 2 High-Quality Versions

Custom Photo Pillow Made from Premium Textiles

If you want to put the final touch to your home decor, what could be better than custom pillows printed with your cherished photo memories? Our photo pillows are made from the very best materials and printed with state-of-the-art technology, giving you a superb eco-friendly reproduction of your chosen image. We use special dye-sublimation printing for extra-durable results, so you can machine-wash your custom pillow with no risk of the colors starting to dissolve.

Custom Pillows in a Range of Formats

Available in two fantastic designs, our hand-sewn photo pillows are just what you need for some premium-quality downtime! Your chosen photo will be printed on top-quality fabrics – shimmering satin for the classic pillow and super-soft downy plush for the premium version. Print a special shared photo memory on your custom pillow – perhaps a beach vista from a legendary vacation, or a much-loved family pet – for a totally unique luxury gift idea that will be a guaranteed hit!

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