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Your Photo on Puzzle

  • Sturdy cardboard puzzle 
  • Intense colors
  • Beautiful, glossy photo
  • Stamped with 110 parts
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  • Fast Turnaround

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What is our Photo Puzzle?

  • photo puzzle full view
  • photo puzzle close up view
  • photo puzzle room view
  • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Our Photo Puzzle is a custom photo gift that works great both as an art print and as a fun activity for the whole family. Made of 110 precisely cut cardboard pieces, when it’s been assembled the personalized photo puzzle displays a glossy, finely detailed print version of your photo.

Your Photo Turned Into a Puzzle

  • Reconstruct precious memories with each piece
  • Brilliant colors and glossy surface
  • 110 accurately cut cardboard pieces
  • A great decor piece once it’s finished
  • Beautiful photo and fun activity in one

Relive Special Memories with a Personalized Photo Puzzle

Leisure Activity and Photo Decor Item Combined

The photo puzzle provides an unusual but hugely satisfying activity for friends, families, anyone with an appetite for fun! With 110 accurately stamped cardboard pieces, each one a pixel-perfect fragment of your photo print, your precious photo memories will come to life in vivid detail. Bring family get-togethers to a new level of enjoyment with this unique puzzle photo! Share your memories as you piece them together with each new segment.

Photo Puzzle – Decor Piece and Tabletop Game in One

A personalized photo puzzle is a unique photo gift combining photo art and tabletop game in one. You get a high-quality custom photo product that will evoke the same positive emotions every time you revisit it, and all at a wallet-friendly price. What’s more, the finished composition can be easily displayed as a wall decor piece. Using our state-of-the-art printing technology, we deliver a print rendition of your photo that stays entirely faithful to the original.

A Photo Gift that’s an Experience in Itself

In an age when people value experiences most of all, the puzzle photo is a customized art gift that offers more. It provides a challenge to the owner and conceals its full charm until the moment it’s finished. Although it’s a great gift item for young and old, bear in mind that the puzzle is made up of small components and can present a choking hazard, so it’s strongly recommended not to leave children under 3 alone with the puzzle.

Design Your Photo Puzzle Online in a Couple of Minutes

Designing your photo on puzzle won’t take more than 5 minutes in total. Our simple customization process is a delight, with practically no effort demanded on your part. Once you’ve finished customization you’ll be directed to the checkout page, and your new photo puzzle will go into production moments after you place your order. It’s a customer-centered process right from the start, and at the end – satisfaction guaranteed!

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