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Canvas Wall Hanging

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Size Retail Price Factory Price
8 x 12 $ 39.00 $ 8.00
12 x 16 $ 59.00 $ 19.20
16 x 16 $ 65.00 $ 26.00
16 x 24 $ 79.00 $ 32.00
24 x 24 $ 95.00 $ 39.00
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Canvas Wall Hanging with Your Photo

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  • canvas wall hanging print detailed view
  • canvas wall hanging print in the room

Our Canvas Wall Hanging is a new canvas print design with an elegant retro look. Canvas fabric with a top-quality print of your image is suspended between two wood bars of untreated pine. A classically simple decor solution that gives you the benefits of timeless design and modern printing.

Canvas Wall Hanging for Timeless Elegance

  • Choice of 11 size formats
  • Fine-grained canvas material
  • Wooden bars in premium pine
  • Leather-effect cord hanger
  • Adjustable magnetized design

The Best of Old and New: Canvas Wall Hanging

A Classic to Suit Any Decor Scheme

The canvas wall hanging is timeless decor with a modern approach. With its stripped-back design, it will suit a wide range of decorating schemes, from mid-century modern to Scandi chic. Your canvas wall hanging gives you traditional charm and premium quality too, thanks to tried-and-tested design paired with cutting-edge printing.

The Best Materials, the Best Design

Your canvas wall hanging is printed with HP Latex Inks to ensure the richest colors and sharpest contrasts. The canvas fabric itself is tear-resistant and easy to clean using a slightly damp cloth. And thanks to its innovative design using magnetized wooden bars, you’ll be able to adjust your canvas wall hanging any time you like.

Safe for the Family, Kind to the Planet

The magnetic bars of the canvas wall hanging are made from untreated pine and will bring some natural charm to any living space. And the inks we use to reproduce your photo are completely solvent-free, meaning your canvas is not just eco-friendly, it’s hypoallergenic too – safe for the whole family.

Versatile and Elegant Canvas Wall Hanging

With its simple design and classic look, the canvas wall hanging will suit most any wall! As a versatile wall art piece for your home, it gives you the freedom to make your own statement. It’s an ideal gift for a design-loving friend or relative too. Choose our canvas wall hanging for the perfect blend of timeless charm and restrained elegance.

Formats and Prices

16" x 16" $ 65.00 $ 26.00
24" x 24" $ 95.00 $ 39.00
8" x 12" $ 39.00 $ 8.00
12" x 16" $ 59.00 $ 19.20
16" x 24" $ 79.00 $ 32.00
16" x 12" $ 59.00 $ 19.20
24" x 12" $ 69.00 $ 27.00
48" x 16" $ 129.00 $ 44.00
32" x 24" $ 129.00 $ 45.00
48" x 24" $ 179.00 $ 60.00
71" x 24" $ 249.00 $ 79.00

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