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Your Photo on Forex

  • Highest image sharpness in laboratory quality 
  • Genuine photo paper for brilliant colors
  • Special coating with anti-scratch protection
  • Also for walls with a small load-bearing capacity
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8" x 8" $ 42.00 $ 18.00
8" x 12" $ 52.00 $ 24.00
12" x 16" $ 88.00 $ 32.00
16" x 20" $ 99.00 $ 39.00
20" x 20" $ 79.00 $ 42.00
12" x 36" $ 83.00 $ 49.00
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What is our Forex® Photo Board Print?

  • forex photo board prints full view
  • forex print close up
  • forex photo print room view

Our Forex® Photo Board Prints are a wallet-friendly decor solution that’s especially suitable for walls with limited load-bearing capacity. A Forex® print is a print reproduction of your photo on a 5mm hardfoam panel. Sleek photo board prints are popular as our most accessible option.

Cost-Effective Solution with Your Forex® Photo Print

  • Smooth finish produces a glossy effect
  • Most wallet-friendly wall decor item in our catalog
  • Incredibly light yet very durable foam board
  • Accurate trim work and neatly rounded corners
  • Comes with a free hanger set

High-Quality Image Reproduction on Forex® Prints

Photo Printing on Authentic Photo Paper

Printed on real photo paper, your cherished photo image will shine in its full glory. Thanks to our refined 12-color printing technology, your chosen photo will be brought to exceptional sharpness and color richness once it’s printed on the Forex® panel. The elegant definition and vibrant coloring of your photo print on Forex® will only be enhanced by the high-quality protective laminate covering the surface of your photo print.

A Union of Technology and Craftsmanship

A synthesis of hand-crafted materials and high-tech finishing techniques will turn your image into a real feat of design. Each photo print is carefully applied to a hardfoam panel, which is later cut with expert care to give elegantly rounded corners. The whole process, carried out individually for every photo print on Forex®, demands careful precision from both man and machine. The result is an exquisite decorative wall art feature.

Light, Paper-Thin and Perfect for Any Wall

The super-lightweight pure-white Forex® panel is a sturdy, ¼“-thick hardfoam plate. Using Forex® is an innovation that means we can create extra-lightweight decorative items – now there’s no wall that can’t be adorned with your favorite print designs. Outdoor areas and seemingly vulnerable surfaces like tiled walls won’t be a problem. Forex® prints are versatile decorative pieces that need no more than a simple picture hook to hang up.

Arrives Display-Ready and Packed for Maximum Safety

Each item enters the manufacturing cycle minutes after payment is received, and in just a few days your order will arrive safe and packed to perfection, delivered by our trusted logistics partner. All the formats for the Forex® photo print, ranging in size from 8” x 8” up to 30” x 40”, come with a free hanging system to take the stress out of putting up your new wall art!

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Formats and Prices

8"x8" $ 42.00 $ 18.00
20"x20" $ 79.00 $ 42.00
30"x30" $ 119.00 $ 90.00
8"x12" $ 52.00 $ 24.00
12"x16" $ 88.00 $ 32.00
16"x20" $ 99.00 $ 39.00
20"x20" $ 79.00 $ 42.00
12"x36" $ 83.00 $ 49.00
20"x24" $ 89.00 $ 55.00
20"x30" $ 94.00 $ 60.00
30"x40" $ 139.00 $ 120.00

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