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What Is a Protective Face Mask and How Is It Used?

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A protective face mask is a basic preventive measure designed to act as a physical shield against pathogens. Now – how is it used?

Taking good care of your health should be part of your everyday routine, whether that means taking protective measures in smog-filled downtown streets or regular handwashing at the peak of flu season.

A medical mask is one of the most easily acquired means of reducing the risk to yourself and your loved ones posed by infectious diseases, and the risk to your lungs posed by bad air quality.

Given current circumstances, the team would like to take the opportunity to share some basic dos and don'ts of wearing a medical face mask.

Following Up:

What is a Medical Face Mask?

What is a medical face mask. Young African American woman wearing face mask.

Medical face masks are designed to protect the wearer and anyone nearby by blocking out harmful particles in the air. Two common types of face mask are the so-called N95 respirator and the regular surgical mask. An important difference between them is the method of filtration.

While an N95 mask uses a dense layer of tiny filaments, a surgical mask uses a mesh of plastic fibers. Whereas the N95 acts as a more effective filter, the regular surgical mask is more comfortable to wear. Due to their less restrictive design, surgical masks are the usual choice in operating rooms.

What is a medical face mask. Middle age woman holding respirator mask.

Each type of mask needs to be replaced frequently, with used masks preferably disposed of in a sealed receptacle.

When and Why Should You Wear Masks?

Although there is conflicting advice circulating in the media, the consensus view among experts could be summed up as follows:

“Having some facial protection is better than having none at all.”

Wearing a certified medical mask can be of real benefit because it can stop you causing droplet transmission (for example, by coughing or sneezing). It’s advisable to cover your face in public if you suspect you might be sick, to avoid infectious droplets landing on somebody nearby or on a frequently touched surface.

What is a medical face mask. Profile of young woman wearing respirator and glasses.

Meanwhile, a respirator mask can protect the wearer from hazardous particles when they’re breathing the air in polluted environments.

How to Use a Mask Properly

Both respiratory masks and surgical masks should be discarded once they’ve become wet, dirty or damaged. Exercising strict care when removing the mask is crucial, especially if it’s being used to combat infection.

You should remove any mask by its ties/bands, preferably using gloves, and avoiding contact with the front. Once removed the mask should be discarded, together with the gloves if used.

“It’s important to remember that wearing a mask does not remove the need for other measures of fighting contagion.”

What is a medical face mask. Mother and son wearing medical face mask and using antiseptic hand wash.

Wearing masks can be effective in disease control only when combined with social distancing, as well as frequent handwashing and the use of disposable gloves where necessary. Wherever infection is a risk, you should make every effort to avoid touching your face.

Please note: All the guidelines provided above relate to certified masks only. For mask wearing to be effective, informed and responsible use on the wearer’s part is essential.

Custom Face Masks

Important message from The following product has not been scientifically tested or in any way certified for medical use, and should not be considered personal protective equipment. 

With recent events and the omnipresent global issue of air pollution in mind, introduces a new product – the Custom Face Mask. Unlike certified face masks, our new mask is not designed or produced to serve a practical purpose.

“However, it makes a bold statement of resilience and solidarity in the face of crisis.”

Custom-made face masks give us the chance to keep things creative and playful in times when this is more important than ever.

What is a medical face mask. Custom made protective face mask with photo print.

The masks are hand-sewn by our employees and come with a moldable nose wire so that the fit can be adjusted. Each mask is composed of two layers. The front is printed with solvent-free inks (you can choose from our range of designs or upload your own photo).

What is a medical face mask. Personalized protective masks with photo prints.

All safety measures are observed in our manufacturing process. Our company is dedicated to ensuring perfect safety for our workers, their families and our clients.

More than anything else, our personalized face masks are a symbolic gesture of solidarity with the global community. Wearing one is a clear signal that you’re joining the effort and doing it with style. 

We urge you to comply with the safety guidelines and medical advice issued by your local healthcare professionals. Custom face masks can provide only superficial protection, and shouldn’t be considered an effective alternative to certified face masks.

To design your custom face mask, head to this page

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