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Where to Buy Custom Face Masks Online

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Want to buy custom face masks online? Non-certified masks provide limited protection but they can help stop you spreading disease.

Custom face masks are not to be confused with certified medical masks such as surgical masks and N95 respirators. Nevertheless, there is some evidence that non-medical fabric face coverings can be of help in preventing you from spreading diseases.

If you’re thinking of buying a custom mask, there are a few other things you should keep in mind before buying one. In this piece, we’ll have a look at the following.

What are Our Custom Face Masks?

Where to Buy Custom Face Masks Online. Personalized face mask with print.

Our custom face masks are non-medical cloth face coverings which have not been scientifically tested. The masks we sell are custom printed like our other products. You can choose from a range of colors or lively designs, or even upload your own photo to be printed on the mask.

The masks consist of two fabric layers. The outer layer is made from 100% Oeko-Tex certified polyester, the inner from 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton. The metal nosepiece (which is sewn into the fabric) is flexible to ensure a close fit, and you can make further adjustments using the elastic straps to the sides.

 Where to Buy Custom Face Masks Online. Personalized face mask with colorful print.

The front of the mask is personalized with your choice of print. We offer a wide range of designs, but you can also upload any photo from your collection. That means your mask design is limited only by your imagination.

The personalized face mask is reusable - regular machine washing is essential to ensure good hygiene.

To keep the photo print in prime condition, the mask should be washed on the warm cycle (up to 140°F).

Hand-sewn in our factories, our custom face masks are produced under strict quality control, and both the product and the manufacturing process follow strict safety rules.

Where to Buy Custom Face Masks Online. Little kid wearing personalized face mask.

But the question remains – do these masks have any protective properties?

Are Fabric Masks Effective?

Due to the current events, face masks have become a subject of heated public discussion, with different camps arguing for or against their effectiveness. Some urge the public to use any facial covering available, while others maintain that mask-wearing is ineffective or even counterproductive. What are we to make of this? Well, the latest safety guidelines issued by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) state:

“CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.”

 Where to Buy Custom Face Masks Online. Adult man wearing personalized face mask.

Now, it’s very important to note that “cloth face coverings” are not being placed in the same category as medical face masks. Why is this?

Masks are worn to prevent two forms of disease transmission: airborne transmission or droplet transmission. Different kinds of masks have different levels of effectiveness against these two forms. Non-medical masks will not offer the same protection as masks which have been scientifically certified.

Let’s look at these two forms of transmission in more detail.

Airborne Transmission

Airborne (also known as “aerosolized”) transmission is caused by minuscule particles of a pathogen – these can float in the air for minutes or even hours.

Only medical-standard respirators (for example N95 masks) can prevent airborne transmission.

 Where to Buy Custom Face Masks Online. Woman wearing N95 respirator.

Surgical masks should not be considered useful in preventing this, as the pathogen particles are small enough to pass easily around the edges of the mask or even to pass through the mask material itself.

And needless to say, non-medical masks will offer no protection at all against airborne transmission.

Droplet Transmission

Droplet transmission occurs when respiratory moisture droplets (e.g. saliva or mucus) containing the disease are expelled from the mouth or nose of a person infected – either travelling directly to another person or landing on a surface which is then touched.

Where to Buy Custom Face Masks Online. Young woman wearing surgical face mask.

Non-medical masks shouldn’t be considered effective in guarding the wearer against droplet infection. Unlike surgical masks, they have not been scientifically tested to ensure that coverage is sufficient and that the material itself can act as an effective droplet shield.

However, as with surgical masks, non-medical masks could be useful in preventing the wearer causing droplet infection if they are already sick. Any facial covering which shields the mouth and nose should reduce droplet spread when the wearer is coughing, sneezing or simply talking.

Put simply, wearing a cloth mask can help you keep others safe. Others can help to keep you safe if they wear cloth masks themselves.

Important Proviso

There is some evidence that wearing a mask can itself be a health risk if it leads the wearer to touch their face more than they otherwise would. Wearing a mask can be counterproductive if you don’t exercise great care when using it – always washing your hands before applying the mask, and touching only the straps when removing it.

 Where to Buy Custom Face Masks Online. Person washing hands to prevent contracting disease.

It should also go without saying that no mask can be a substitute for a responsible safety routine. Social distancing and frequent hand-washing remain the best methods of preventing viral transmission, and wearing a mask certainly cannot be advised if it leads to any relaxation of these measures.

How to Create Your Personalized Face Mask

 Where to Buy Custom Face Masks Online. Young girl wearing personalized face mask with funny print.

If you’ve decided to try out our personalized face masks – and perhaps order some for your loved ones too – the ordering process is as simple as it could be. After clicking “Choose Design”, you’ll be directed to the configurator page, where you’ll see a wide choice of designs, colors and patterns that you can use. You can upload your photo(s) here too if you’d prefer to have a custom image printed on your mask.

The preview window at top right of the configurator page gives you a good idea of how the finished product will look.

Note that ordering in bulk reduces the price of each piece: masks bought individually cost $15, while buying 5 units gets you $1 off each mask, and buying 12 gets you $3 off each mask.

❗❗  Create your personalized face mask here❗❗

Final Word

Where to Buy Custom Face Masks Online. Young business woman wearing surgical mask. ​​

As stated on the CDC website, cloth masks are not a substitute for surgical masks or N95 respirators.

However, medical masks are in huge demand by healthcare professionals who are at risk from infectious diseases while they work. This means that the rest of us should refrain from using medical-grade personal protective equipment, so as not to make the current shortages worse.

Custom face masks and other non-certified face coverings are workable alternatives to this certified equipment – while not considered indispensable, they are recommended. At the very least, wearing a mask of any kind makes a statement: that you’re taking disease prevention seriously and that you’re prepared to do your bit to protect the public health.

Disclaimer: Custom face masks from have not been scientifically tested and are not certified or intended for medical use.

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