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Your Photo on Cushion

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16'' x 16'' Reg $ 44.90
$ 22.90
  • Particularly soft cushion from a refined satin 
  • High-tech photo printing
  • Including fluffy filling
  • Handmade and perfect as a gift
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Personalized Photo Gifts

personalized photogifts

Unique, personalized photo gift solutions. Surprise your loved ones with high quality photographs on high quality material foundations with the best price guarantee.

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Personalized photo cushion with a sublime luster:

  • An elegant, personalized photo cushion from a refined satin
  • Vibrant coloring provided by a high-tech photo printing
  • Particularly soft due to the exquisite structure of the textile
  • Completely solid, glowing white backside
  • The cushion is recommended to be machine washed at cold temperatures
  • Ultra-high resolution provided by accomplished precision printing
  • A unique way to express your love for somebody
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