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Your Favorite Photo Framed Within a Passe-partout

Museum-like look with a digital print protected by acrylic glass
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8'' x 8'' Reg $ 44.90
$ 19.90
  • Digitally printed photo in crisp clean detail 
  • Gallery aesthetics provided by frame and passe-partout
  • Protected and enhanced by a glossy acrylic glass
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8" x 8" $ 44.90 $ 19.90
8" x 12" $ 49.90 $ 24.90
12" x 16" $ 59.90 $ 29.90
16" x 16" $ 69.90 $ 39.90
16" x 20" $ 79.90 $ 44.90
20" x 30" $ 89.90 $ 54.90
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Gallery-quality photo with a passe-partout frame

  • Leinwanddruck Rahmen
  • Fotoleinwand im Raum
First-class quality photo print with exceptional sharpness

Get ready to discover your photo anew with an unprecedented level of detail! Your beloved photo will be printed utilizing the latest digital technologies, providing crystal clear resolution, vivid colors, and stunning overall quality!

Passe-Partout with a refined, oblique finishing

Every single passe-partout is produced from top-quality, solid-white museum card stock. The oblique cut of each passe-partout is especially noteworthy for it adds sophistication to your photo and allures the eye of the viewer

Personalized decorative picture frames

Carefully printed, framed, packed and delivered, the photo of your choice comes completely set and ready for display on your wall for the viewers’ admiration! Choose whichever frame you prefer from the wide variety of options! Every frame is a hand-crafted item topped and enhanced by a glossy panel of acrylic glass! After the process is carried out, the print is dispatched and delivered to your doorstep in the trusted hands of our insured logistics partner.

Decorative frames with a passe-partout around your photo

  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Silber-Optik
  • Silberrahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Silberr-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Schwarz-Glanz-Optik
  • Schwarz glaenzender Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in schwarz glaenzenden Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Schwarz-Matt-Optik
  • Schwarzer Mattrahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Matt-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in weissem Rahmen
  • Weisser Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Weiss-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Walnuss-Optik
  • Walnuss-Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Walnuss-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Esche-Optik
  • Esche-Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Oak-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Eiche-Optik
  • Eiche-Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Eiche-Optik
  • Leinwanddruck mit Rahmen in Palisander-Optik
  • Palisander-Rahmen für Leinwanddruck
  • Rückseite des Rahmens in Palisander-Optik

Your preferred photo will acquire a gallery look with a top class quality, solid frame around it. Pick the color that complements your photo or enhances it with a welcomed pop of contrast! Remember that the right frame will elevate your photo to new aesthetic heights, turning it into a genuine design focal point!

Choose the perfect color for your frame from a variety of available options, also including sophisticated premium hues and delightful, warmth-inducing wood finishes!

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