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8 x 8 $ 49.00 $ 5.00
8 x 10 $ 53.00 $ 12.00
8 x 12 $ 55.00 $ 17.00
16 x 20 $ 69.00 $ 31.00
20 x 30 $ 199.00 $ 43.00
24 x 36 $ 269.00 $ 52.00
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Photo Canvas Prints from

  • photo canvas print front view
  • photo canvas print detailed view
  • photo canvas print in the room

These canvas prints are printed on premium canvas, using solvent-free HP latex inks – safe for all the family. Stretched manually over a hand-made stretcher frame. The Canvas Prints from have a 24h turnaround and a lowest-price-in-the-USA guarantee.

Decorate Your Wall with Premium Photo Canvas

  • Hand-stretched canvas on a quality spruce wood frame
  • Range of striking edge designs available
  • High-resolution photo printing in vivid colors
  • UV-resistant inks, totally free of solvents
  • Canvas certified for professional photo printing

Individual Edge Designs for Canvas Prints

  • canvas prints folded border
  • canvas prints mirrored border
  • canvas print streched border
  • canvas prints with white border
  • canvas print with black border

Folded Edge

Your canvas is wrapped over the frame in classic gallery style. The margins of your image will appear on the sides of the frame, so make sure any vital elements of your photo aren’t too close to the edge!

Mirrored Edge

The image of your choice is fully visible on the front side of the canvas print. The margins of your photo are then copied, inverted and printed on the frame edges to create a mirror image effect.

Stretched Edge

The pixels at the outer border of your photo are stretched lengthwise across the frame sides to create a striking blur effect. Your image remains visible in full on the front side of the canvas.

White Edge

Your photo is scaled to appear in full on the front side of your canvas. The sides of the frame are covered with a pure white edge that provides a clean border and intensifies your image.

Black Edge

As with the White Edge choice, your photo is displayed only on the front of the canvas. A black strip is then printed on the sides of the photo canvas, providing an intense pop of contrast.

Real Wood Frame for Canvas Printing

canvas printing with standard wood frame

Standard wooden frame (¾”)

To produce your photo canvas, we use a ¾" thick spruce wood stretcher frame of the highest quality. Even with its solid wood frame, the canvas maintains its lightweight properties, and depending on the format it should require no more than a nail or two to be hung on the wall.

canvas printing with xxl wooden frame

XXL wooden frame (1½”)

Choose the XXL wooden frame to increase the durability of your photo canvas and achieve that true gallery-like aesthetic. Large-format canvas prints give you more expressive depth while also making your product more stable. The spruce wood frame provides a light and easy-to-hang solution for your wall decoration.

Photo on Canvas with Premium Frame

  • photo on canvas with silver frame
  • photo on canvas with silver frame detailed view
  • photo on canvas with silver frame back view
  • photo on canvas with black frame
  • photo on canvas with black frame detailed view
  • photo on canvas with black frame back view
  • photo on canvas with black matte frame
  • photo on canvas with black matte frame detailed view
  • photo on canvas with black matte frame back view
  • photo on canvas with white frame
  • photo on canvas with white frame detailed view
  • photo on canvas with white frame back view
  • photo on canvas with rosewood flair frame
  • photo on canvas with rosewood flair frame detailed
  • photo on canvas with rosewood flair back view
  • photo on canvas with gold frame
  • photo on canvas with gold frame detailed view
  • photo on canvas with gold frame back view
  • photo on canvas with ash flair frame
  • photo on canvas with ash frame detailed
  • photo on canvas with ash frame back view
  • photo on canvas with walnut flair frame
  • photo on canvas with walnut flair frame detailed view
  • photo on canvas with walnut flair frame back view
  • photo on canvas with oak flair frame
  • photo on canvas with oak flair frame detailed view
  • photo on canvas with oak flair frame back view

In addition to your wooden stretcher frame, you can also choose an outer Premium Frame for your photo on canvas.

The folded edges of your canvas will stay visible within one of these decorative “floating” frames, creating a striking modern look that’s popular in contemporary art galleries.

Choose the Premium Frame which matches the aesthetic of your personalized photo canvas. The following designs are available:

Make the Most of Your Personalized Canvas

canvas print with text

Add Text to Your Canvas

Now you can make your personalized canvas print even more personal! Once you’ve uploaded your photo, use the new Add Text button – you’ll find it under the preview window. Dedications, witty quotes, or just a date and location for your photo memory – the choice is yours. And we offer a great range of font, color and size options.

hanger set for personalized canvas

Hanger Set

The perfect accessory for your canvas print! Install your new print using our convenient hanger set. Each set includes everything you need for two different hanging techniques – just choose the method best suited to the size of your print. Add the hanger set to your shopping cart when placing your order and you’ll be able to hang up your print in a few easy steps.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Canvas Prints

Why Choose our Canvas Prints?

Our canvas prints are a prime example of manufacturing excellence, as shown by our consistently great reviews and a loyal customer base. Elegant, built to last, containing no solvents and available at a bargain price, our prints easily rival the very best canvas prints on the market!

Can Photo Canvas Prints be Framed?

Our photo canvas prints come with a wooden frame that provides a sturdy foundation for your image. You can also give your print a contemporary twist by choosing an additional outer frame known as a “floating” frame. Pick your preferred frame style during the ordering process.

What are the Largest Canvas Prints on Offer?

Our canvas prints come in a variety of sizes, from desktop-ready small-format prints to supersize 40” x 60” prints. If you’re interested in one of our largest formats, make sure you upload a high-resolution photo. Then we’ll be able to ensure you get the very best printing results.

Can I Add Text to my Canvas Prints?

Our canvas prints can also be personalized with text and quotes. Choose the “Add Text” option under the preview window after uploading your photo and select the font, size and color to best complement your photo. It’s a great way to customize photos that have a special significance.

How Do You Hang Canvas Prints?

How to Hang a Small Canvas Print:

  • Step #1 - Hammer two nails into wall close together
  • Step #2 - Affix sawtooth hanger to top stretcher bar at back
  • Step #3 - Rest sawtooth hanger on nails

How to Hang a Large Canvas Print:

  • Step #1 - Hammer two nails into wall (not too close)
  • Step #2 - Affix D-rings to either side of frame at back
  • Step #3 - Thread cord through D-rings and tie together
  • Step #4 - Rest one length of the cord on nails

For a more detailed tutorial, check out our video here.

How Do I Maintain my Photo Canvas Prints?

Your photo canvas prints should stay in great condition if treated with reasonable care. Printed with UV and light-resistant inks, the best way to keep them in top shape is to remove dust occasionally with a slightly damp cloth and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or excess moisture.

  • Do not expose your print to direct sunlight
  • Avoid environments with high moisture levels
  • Occasionally remove dust with slightly damp cloth
  • Support your canvas from underneath when cleaning
  • Do not try to manually laminate your canvas

Formats and Prices

8" x 8" $ 49.00 $ 5.00
12" x 12" $ 64.00 $ 21.00
16" x 16" $ 85.00 $ 28.00
20" x 20" $ 129.00 $ 35.00
8" x 12" $ 55.00 $ 17.00
10" x 12" $ 65.00 $ 19.00
10" x 14" $ 69.00 $ 22.00
12" x 16" $ 85.00 $ 25.00
16" x 20" $ 69.00 $ 31.00
16" x 24" $ 115.00 $ 35.00
20" x 24" $ 155.00 $ 37.00
20" x 30" $ 199.00 $ 43.00
24" x 30" $ 225.00 $ 47.00
24" x 36" $ 269.00 $ 52.00
30" x 40" $ 339.00 $ 60.00
36" x 48" $ 385.00 $ 90.00
40" x 60" $ 469.00 $ 160.00
8" x 14" $ 64.00 $ 18.00
12" x 20" $ 85.00 $ 25.00
16" x 30" $ 159.00 $ 39.00
24" x 40" $ 299.00 $ 54.00
30" x 48" $ 369.00 $ 79.00
30" x 60" $ 410.00 $ 140.00

Pixel-Perfect Canvas Print for Your Wall

Superb Color Reproduction and Image Sharpness

Our photo canvas combines a range of great qualities: an excellent hand-made wooden frame, cutting-edge technologies to provide the most accurate reproduction of your photo, and production times that are yet to be matched. Your photo is reproduced with the use of UV-proof inks, preventing the vivid colors from dissolving as the years go by. Your photo will be transferred to canvas faithfully to the very last detail.

Certified for HP Latex Printing

Every canvas created at our factory is built to be used for professional photo printing. Our manufacturing standards ensure flawless reproduction quality, without using any potentially harmful compounds. Our canvas prints are produced without the use of solvents, making them completely safe for children and people suffering from allergies.

Swift Production and Excellent Delivery Terms

Our canvas prints are all set for shipping 24 hours after you place your order. Thanks to our perfectly streamlined manufacturing process, your canvas will be produced in a matter of hours. The ready-made product will be packed to perfection and delivered to you by our dependable courier partners. Your photo canvas image will arrive looking just as great as it did in the preview window.

High-Quality Product with No Extra Effort for You

The canvas fabric is stretched by hand, a procedure carried out by experienced masters of their craft. Stretched perfectly taut over a quality spruce wood frame, the ready-made canvas will be the perfect item to complement your interior decor. Upload your photo and in a matter of minutes you’ll be able to place your order. It’s an effortless process with a great product at the end of the line!

The best customer ratings

2020-09-04. Together with a rating of 9.20 stars out of the available 10, has an excellent satisfaction ratio of 92% out of the maximum 100% from visitors of the site, based on 4429 reviews collected by TrustPilot. Design your Photo Canvas Prints now!

Our 105% Lowest Price Guarantee

We are committed to providing the ultimate customer experience – and we know that means offering the best prices in the market. If you happen to find a lower price online, we’ll beat it by 5%! The product should be the same size, should come already stretched onto the frame and the price needs to be valid the day you send it to us. Simply email us with a link to the product. We will review the information and if approved, we'll send you a 5% discount voucher code.

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