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Christmas Canvas Ideas 2023: Your Essential Guide

user iconby Maria Johnsonclock icon5 Minutescalender icon2023-11-29

Looking for some Christmas canvas ideas? Check out our suggestions and find out which photos make the best Christmas canvas prints!

Christmas canvas prints make gorgeous gifts for friends and family alike – printed and framed just like real artworks, they can become the focal point of any room. Almost any photo will look great on canvas, but in the holidays we’re all looking for something extra special, right? For your convenience, we’ve prepared a Christmas canvas ideas guide with handy tips on how to choose the best photos for your custom Christmas wall art. Read on, and happy gifting!

Canvas Print Ideas for Christmas 2023

Christmas Canvas Ideas 2023: Family photo on canvas Christmas Canvas Ideas 2023: Woman hanging canvas print Christmas Canvas Ideas 2023: Canvas gallery on wall Christmas Canvas Ideas 2023: Photo collage on canvas
Christmas Canvas Ideas 2023: Canvas photo print of a young family Christmas Canvas Ideas 2023: Multiple canvas prints on display Christmas Canvas Ideas 2023: Young lady hanging photo canvas print Christmas Canvas Ideas 2023: Beautiful canvas print next to a Christmas treee

Important Questions to Consider:

Your Essential Guide to Christmas Canvas Ideas. Photo canvas print with woman and strings lights.

Holiday-Themed vs Regular Photos

Christmas wall art is all about wintry landscapes, shiny baubles and bright-red Santa hats, right? Well, not necessarily. Photos that don’t have a classic seasonal theme can still make great Christmas canvas prints. After all, the real holiday spirit is about sharing happy moments – and a happy moment doesn’t need to involve snow or mistletoe. (Though it definitely helps!)

Your Essential Guide to Christmas Canvas Ideas. Colorful Christmas Canvas prints displayed on wall.

Even if you want your print to be as Christmassy as possible, you still don’t have to fall back on the same old hoary themes. We recommend doing a special Christmas photoshoot with the whole family, or just looking through your digital archive for pictures of your loved ones enjoying yuletides past. Magical photos from frosty winter hikes, pre-Christmas weekend getaways, or family feasts on the big day will all work a treat!

Your Essential Guide to Christmas Canvas Ideas. Family photo printed on Canvas.

Gifts for Yourself vs Gifts for Other People

If you’re buying a canvas print as a little Christmas gift for yourself, well, obviously the world is your oyster – nobody knows your tastes better than you! But before you upload that photo, it’s worth thinking about where you’re going to hang your print. A canvas that looks perfect in one room might not quite work in another, so try to match the color scheme – and the general atmosphere – of the room you’ve chosen.

Your Essential Guide to Christmas Canvas Ideas. Beautiful Christmas decor and photo canvas print with a winter landscape.

If you’re buying for someone else, things get trickier. Finding ideal Christmas gifts for your loved ones isn’t easy, even if you’ve known them all your life. But you don’t need to let the nerve-racking question Will they like their gifts? spoil your holiday mood. Here are some Christmas canvas ideas to help you nail that perfect present:

Your Essential Guide to Christmas Canvas Ideas. Photo canvas print of smiling child.

Original Photos vs Stock Images?

The smartphone revolution has turned us into a nation of shutterbugs – even budget phones can have decent cameras, so capturing those happy moments is easier than ever. And when it comes to printed wall decor, nothing can match the precious photo memories that you took yourself.​

Nevertheless, there are situations where using images from professional photographers or designers might be a better bet for your Christmas canvas prints. Choosing a stock photo can be a handy solution if:

Your Essential Guide to Christmas Canvas Ideas. Eiffel Tower in winter canvas print.

There are millions of stock images available in online photobanks. You’ll have to pay for some, but many are completely free. If do you want to print a commercial photo, double-check the licensing agreement – many photographers don’t mind small print runs, but it’s best not to take any risks.

Feel free to use our Christmas canvas ideas or do things your own way – but whatever you decide on, don’t forget to place your order sooner rather than later, to make sure there are no empty spaces under the Christmas tree. Once you’ve chosen and uploaded your photo, your work is done – the team will take it from there, and your parcel full of Christmas magic will arrive very soon!

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