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How to Hang a Poster: Best Damage-Free Options

user iconby Maria Johnsonclock icon5 Minutescalender icon2024-01-31

How can you hang a poster without damaging the print or your wall? Follow these best practices recommended by our wall decor experts!

Posters (like the custom poster prints sold here at CANVASDISCOUNT) are one of the few wall art features that you can hang securely without using nails. There are a few different techniques you can use – so what’s the best way to hang posters?

Common poster hanging solutions like regular sticky tape and drawing pins will get the job done, but at the risk of damaging your poster, wall, or both. If you want to know how to hang a poster without leaving a mark on either, read this article!

How to Hang a Poster: a rolled poster print with a photo of a couple

How to Hang a Poster – Supply List:

How to Hang a Poster Without Damaging It: Brief Instructions

How to Hang a Poster: a poster wall display

And that’s it – hopefully a simple enough process. But if you still have any questions about how to hang a poster without damaging it, we discuss each step in more detail below!

How to Hang Up a Poster: Our Detailed Guide

How to Hang a Poster: a man holding a rolled poster print

1. Wash your hands

If they’re handled with grubby or oil fingers, posters are susceptible to fingerprints (this is especially true if they’re printed on real photo paper, like the poster prints here at CANVASDISCOUNT). So make sure your hands are clean before you touch your poster: wash them with soap and water, then dry thoroughly before continuing.

2. Flatten the poster

Poster prints tend to arrive rolled up, in which case they’ll still be a bit curvy after you unroll them. You can flatten your poster by laying it face down on a clean, dry table, smoothing it out, then placing weights at each of the four corners and in the center of the print. You can use anything with smooth edges for your weights – books are ideal.

3. Clean the wall

Even a bit of dust can make it harder for the adhesive to stick properly, so it’s best to get your wall as clean as possible before proceeding. If the wall’s moisture resistant, wipe with a damp cloth, using a cleaning agent if necessary. If not, a quick vacuum cleaning will remove any loose particles.

4. Apply Adhesive

Applying adhesive to the corners only should be enough for smaller posters, but you’ll need to apply it at more points around the edge if your poster is big and heavy.

How to Hang a Poster: a roll of tape for mounting the poster on the wall

These days there are several adhesive products available that can hang a poster without damaging your poster or your wall – so we recommend avoiding thumbtacks and regular sticky tape. Try one of the following alternatives:

Double-sided poster tape

A quick and easy way to hang a poster without a frame. Some varieties are a lot stronger than others, and the one that’s right for you depends on two factors: how heavy your poster is and how delicate your wall surface is. You’ll need to find tape which is strong enough to support your print, but which can be removed without causing damage – if you’re not sure about the latter, try testing the tape on a hidden-away section of wall first.

Hanging strips

Picture hanging strips started a small revolution in the world of wall decoration. They’re strong and dependable but can usually be removed without leaving the slightest mark on your wall or picture. Look for a brand that tells you how much weight each pair of strips can support – that way you’ll know how many you need to apply so that your poster is supported securely.

Adhesive Putty

Convenient and easy to remove, adhesive putty is a good nail-free hanging solution for many prints. It’s not ideal for larger poster sizes though, because its adhesive power isn’t that strong, which means you’ll need to apply sizeable lumps to make the picture stick – and the putty will show through the poster as little bumps.

5. Put Up Your Poster on the Wall

How to Hang a Poster: a man measuring the wall space with an eye level

Before attaching the poster, make sure the position is just right – a level or tape measure will help here. When you’re confident it’s all good, start by attaching the poster’s top corners, pressing firmly at the spots where adhesive is applied. Next, smooth the poster down with your hands so there’s no wrinkles or bulges, then move down to the next adhesive points and apply pressure. Repeat until you’ve attached the bottom corners.

Follow these tips and your poster should hold fast to the wall – with no need to worry about tearing your poster or the wallpaper when you come to remove the print. Oh, and if you haven’t actually ordered your poster yet, you can do so right now at CANVASDISCOUNT – our custom service means you can get creative and design a completely unique photo poster with your own images!

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