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Uniquely Yours: Customize Your Wedding Canvas Prints for 2024

user iconby Maria Johnsonclock icon5 Minutescalender icon2024-03-05

What are the new trends for wedding canvas prints for 2024? Read our wedding canvas guide and get inspiration for your big day!

What is a wedding if not a celebration of one unique love story? Increasingly wedding planners are choosing to reflect that uniqueness in the event’s decoration itself – helped by today’s affordable custom printing services. Whether you want to add a unique touch to your big day or commemorate it with a beautiful souvenir, companies like CANVASDISCOUNT are here to help.

From personalized messages to favorite family photos, wedding canvas prints are the perfect way to make your big day – and your future life together – even more special. Read on to learn about the latest wedding canvas print trends for 2024!

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In 2024, Elevate Your Decor with Wedding Canvas Prints

Wedding Canvas Prints: a 3-piece canvas wall display in the living room

In a world where mass-produced products and cookie-cutter design can be found everywhere, personalization lets you create a space that’s truly one-of-a-kind. The demand for personalization will continue to grow in 2024 – and when it comes to weddings, it’s safe to say that we can say farewell to the same old posed portraits of the bride and groom.

In 2024, wedding photographers will look for candid emotions, creative compositions, and true happiness bursting from the picture – and these photography trends will inevitably impact the way we display printed wedding photos in our homes.

Quirky print formats – canvas prints for example – are becoming popular wall art choices for trend-savvy couples. The borderless design, clean lines, and timeless appeal of canvas prints make them perfect if you want to display wedding photos in a classy way with a little extra pizzazz.

Designing a Custom Wedding Canvas: Ideas for Personalization

Wedding Canvas Prints: a wedding-themed gallery wall in the living room

Here at CANVASDISCOUNT we’ve printed a lot of wedding canvas prints – and we’ve seen first-hand how creative people can be when they’re designing unique wall decor that means the world to them. So if you’re looking for some wedding canvas inspiration, here are our top recommendations:

Use a mixture of engagement and wedding photos

For a truly personal touch, why not combine your engagement and wedding photos in one wall art arrangement? You can create a visual timeline of your romance, beginning with snapshots from your first dates and ending with a beautiful portrait from your wedding day.

Include a quote or message that’s meaningful to you

Whether it’s messages that you wrote for each other (your wedding vows for example), a quote that speaks to you, lyrics from your wedding dance song, or a favorite love poem, text can be a beautiful reminder of the special day. (Here at CANVASDISCOUNT you can add a message to your digital image by using our Add Text function when designing your print.)

Use a monogram or initials to add a personal touch

Whether it's your initials as a couple, a unique monogram designed for the bride and groom, or even a larger graphic artwork representing your names as well as your shared values and goals, this is another simple yet meaningful way to make your wedding picture canvas truly unique.

Create a collage of multiple images or a series of smaller prints

Chances are you’ll have several stunning wedding photos – and you’ll want to print all of them. If you have a whole wall free at home, why not create a wedding-themed gallery wall? Or if wall space is at a premium, you can make a smaller wedding collage. CANVASDISCOUNT offers a wide range of print sizes, with the smallest just 8” x 8”, so you’re sure to find prints to fit the space available.

Creative Ideas for Displaying Wedding Prints

Wedding Canvas Prints: a wedding-themed wall art display with various print formats

Choosing which photos to print is the most important part of course – but displaying the photo prints is a rich creative opportunity in itself! Here are some ideas for how you can display your wedding canvas prints and keep those happy memories fresh in your memory:

Display photo wall art in your home. This is a classic choice for displaying wedding pictures, and canvas prints make a wonderfully original alternative to traditional photos. They look beautiful with the canvas simply wrapped around an interior wood frame, but some providers (CANVASDISCOUNT included) will give you the option of an additional outer frame (in the “shadow gap” or “floating” style) to lend your wedding photo canvas that stunning gallery aesthetic.

Include photos in the wedding decor. Photo prints telling your unique love story will bring a beautiful personal touch to your wedding decor scheme. You can display them as canvas prints, but also as traditional photos in frames or on stands. This is your chance to get creative: try adding decorative elements like ribbons and flowers, or hanging photos on strings with clothes pins.

Make keepsakes for your wedding guests. Personalized wedding prints can make wonderful thank-you gifts – you can send your guests some photos of the ceremony, group pictures with friends and family, or even quotes expressing the strength of your commitment. Printed on canvas they’ll be a beautiful, lasting reminder of the special day.

Take Your Wedding Memories to the Next Level with CANVASDISCOUNT

Wedding Canvas Prints: two canvas prints on the wall

We’ve listed a lot of ideas for how to turn wedding photos into home design features. And if you want your decor dreams to come true, you need to find a quality print provider. Here’s how to order a customized wedding canvas print online:

Step 1. Choose a custom print supplier. At CANVASDISCOUNT you can print any digital photo. It’s also possible to add text to your photos after uploading – a meaningful message or the couple’s monogram will look great on a wedding picture canvas.

Step 2. Decide on the size format of your prints. Think about how much wall space you have and choose a suitable format for your signature wedding picture canvas. Our canvas prints are available in more than 20 formats so finding the perfect size for your wedding canvas prints won’t be too difficult!

Step 3. Select your images and upload to site. If you have dozens of photos you love and you’re struggling to narrow down the list, no problem. We offer canvas print collages featuring several of your images, as well as beautiful photo books – and both options come in a choice of templates, including wedding themes.

Step 4. Make a few design choices and order. Our self-explanatory checkout system will guide you through all the steps. Placing an order at CANVASDISCOUNT is quick and safe – and once we receive your order, it will go straight to production. Your wedding photo canvas will arrive just a few days later!


Every wedding is a unique and precious event – and personalized wedding canvas prints are a great way to celebrate and remember your big day. A wedding photo canvas won’t just add a truly personal touch to the wedding itself, it will be a beautiful and meaningful home decor feature for the years that follow.

So are you ready to say “I do” to wedding canvas prints? Create personalized wall decor at CANVASDISCOUNT and make sure those precious memories last a lifetime!

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