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How to Make a Poster from a Photo in 5 Easy Steps

user iconby Maria Johnsonclock icon3 Minutescalender icon2023-12-31

Wondering how to make a poster from a photo? Nothing could be easier – check out our guide and create amazing posters in 5 minutes!

Keen to turn your photos into posters but struggling to find a service that can do justice to your favorite photo memories? At, the Miami-based online store, you can create a poster print from any picture and the whole process is as straightforward as could be. So read on and learn how to turn a picture into a poster!

In this article we’ll explore:

How to Make a Poster from a Photo

How to Make a Poster from a Photo in 5 Easy Steps. Gallery wall with multiple custom photo posters.

To turn a picture into a poster, first you’ll need to select a digital photo that you’d like to have printed. Then choose a respected printing provider – for example,, one of the best-known custom printing brands in the US.

To make a poster from a photo on, follow these steps:

What You Need to Make a Poster from a Photo:

Continue reading to learn more about every step!

What Is a Custom Poster Print?

A custom poster print is a one-off poster that’s printed to the customer’s requirements. Printed on lab-quality photo paper, our personalized posters are lightweight yet hard-wearing, and they boast crisp resolution and an elegant semi-gloss finish with a vintage feel.

How to Make a Poster from a Photo in 5 Easy Steps. Close up photo of personalized poster print. poster prints will fit effortlessly into almost any home decor scheme. These 5 steps talk you through the whole process of buying custom posters from our shop:

Step 1. Select your Photo

Choosing the right photo for your poster might be the most challenging step in the whole process. So long as you choose a distinctive image that really captures a bit of your personality and your sense of aesthetics, you can’t go wrong. We recommend creating a separate folder for your short-list of contenders – that way you can have a break before making the final choice and come back to the folder with fresh eyes.

Step 2. Upload your Photo to

This step couldn’t be easier. Simply go to the Poster Prints page at our site, click “Upload Photos”, and you’ll be prompted to browse your device for the image file. If you’re ordering more than one photo poster, note that you can upload several pictures at once – they’ll be stored in a special gallery while you create your posters one by one.

Step 3. Choose your Format

Once your image is uploaded, you’ll be taken straight to our product design page. You’ll just need to choose a size format – 12″x16″, 24″x16″ or 30″x20″ – and increase the quantity if you want more than one print. Note that our site measures your image file automatically and offers you only the formats suited to the size of the image. This means there’s no chance that your picture will be blown up too large and lose its crisp resolution.

Step 4 (Optional). Make a Few Adjustments

Before you proceed to checkout, there are a few more optional design features that let you personalize your poster even more. You can zoom in on your image to get the perfect composition, or add a slogan or dedication using the “Add Text” button – there’s a range of fonts and colors available.

When you’re completely happy with your product design, click on “Continue to Shopping Cart” and then proceed to checkout.

Step 5. Complete your Order…and Wait a Few Days

Once you’ve completed payment your custom poster will go straight to production. We’ll have your order ready in no time, and since is located right here in the US, we can get your new prints delivered in a matter of days.

Once your poster arrives, hang it up using double-sided tape or adhesive putty (we suggest avoiding pins and clips to preserve the immaculate surface of the print). Our poster prints are robust but still pretty light, so you can hang them almost anywhere.

How to Decorate with Poster Prints

How to Make a Poster from a Photo in 5 Easy Steps. Gallery wall of multiple personalized poster prints with family photos.

Our advice is – go big! Posters work well together, so why not place an order for multiple prints? After all, our unique custom posters are sold at the same prices as mass-produced posters on the high street, so you’re not going to break the bank. Making a poster from a picture at couldn’t be easier – upload your best photos now and see for yourself! In case you're interested in ordering new canvas prints, make sure you check our easy canvas printing tips!

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