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Modern Home Office Ideas to Keep Yourself Motivated

user iconby Gvido Grube clock icon2020-03-19

Looking for modern home office ideas? Here’s how to get an inspiring home office setup that will keep your workflow as smooth as ever.

At a time when many of us are making the change to homeworking, it’s crucial to set up a working environment that keeps us motivated and productive. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a few tips for making your home office experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

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Making the Best of Your New Arrangement

Modern Home Office Ideas to Keep Yourself Motivated. Woman working on laptop in home office.

The greatest advantage of working from home is the newfound freedom to tailor your work environment exactly to your liking. If you design your home office so that it resembles an IKEA showroom, you’ll certainly achieve a professional look, but we're going to focus here on creating a sense of familiarity and domesticity, using simple accessories with real personal significance.

“You can start by simply displaying a photo of your loved ones just hanging out – maybe even captured at their goofiest!”

It’s memories of the best times together that keeps us moving forward with a positive attitude.

How about a canvas print right above your workstation, showing a Halloween photo of you and your significant other? Reminders of the simple things can make a world of difference in uncertain times. If you want to get your workstation looking professional but with a personal touch, CanvasDiscount.com offers a variety of products that will fit the bill.

Keep Your Motivation Within Arm’s Reach with Personalized Prints

Modern Home Office Ideas to Keep Yourself Motivated. Inspirational canvas prints in home office.

If you’re confined to a small working area at home, don’t worry – CanvasDiscount.com offers a range of personalized accessories that are well suited for display when space is at a premium. For example, the recently introduced MIXBLOX.

If you’re in need of some extra inspiration, let these dinky acrylic glass blocks come to your aid. They’re just 2” x 2” in size and come with pixel-perfect reproductions of your original photos. Buy a set of MIXBLOX and you can rearrange them whenever there’s a quick lull in the working day!

“Mix them, stack them and switch them round whenever an email takes too long to arrive, or your video call packs up due to connection issues.”

Another great option for displaying your favorite photos or motivational quotes is to use our innovative MIXPIX®. With their convenient 8” x 8” size and reusable adhesive pads, you can use them to decorate that empty space behind your desk, or place them all around your room so there’s a great memory in sight wherever you look.

“One thing stays the same whether you’re in the office or at home – you need a mug to keep you restored with hot drinks.”

A coffee mug printed with a photo of your choice will mean you’ve got a cherished memory within arm’s reach as you work. Whether it’s a picture of your family or beloved pet, or a stunning shot of your favorite beauty spot, it will be sure to help you stay inspired through the working day.

Setting a Mood that Boosts Productivity

Modern Home Office Ideas to Keep Yourself Motivated. Home office interior design with canvas prints.

We’ve all got our own ways to keep the positivity flowing. For some of us it might be a favorite artwork on the wall, while others prefer to keep Star Wars memorabilia on their desks! Just find something that works best for you, putting you at ease and motivating you to perform at your best.

“This is where motivational prints can play a part.”

Canvas prints and posters with motivational quotes and inspiring scenery have become a common decor feature in contemporary workspaces – for the simple reason that they really seem to work.

Whether it’s epic drone photography or soothing black-and-white minimalism, a carefully chosen wall art piece can stimulate our creativity and help us come up with new ideas.

Modern Home Office Ideas to Keep Yourself Motivated. Home office interior with multiple canvas prints.

Wondering what image would be right for you? One solution is to think about your favorite color, then think about the people and places you’re most fond of. Or if there’s a recurring theme through most of your interior design already, or a photo you find yourself constantly coming back to, the answer lies right there.

Modern Home Office Ideas to Keep Yourself Motivated. Home office design with motivational wall art prints.

Just upload your image and CanvasDiscount.com will take care of the rest. Let’s keep our spirits up. Working from home, if at all possible, is the right thing to do right now, but we can make the experience much more rewarding with the help of one or two personal touches.

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