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How to Wash a Photo Blanket at Home

user iconby Maria Johnsonclock icon3 Minutescalender icon2024-02-23

Learn how to wash a photo blanket so it stays looking good as new. This is our rundown of the key rules for washing photo blankets!

So your photo blanket has arrived, and it’s everything you hoped it would be – soft and snug, with vibrant colors and amazing print quality. It’s sure to become a household favorite… But that means sooner or later you’re going to need to give it a wash.

How to Wash a Photo Blanket at Home. Personalized blanket with photo of couple.

Our customers often ask us how to wash photo blankets properly, so we decided to list all the dos and don’ts of blanket washing in this article. As long as you follow our simple instructions, you can expect your photo blanket to stay in superb condition for years to come!

All you need to wash your photo blanket:

How to Clean a Photo Blanket: Steps in Brief

You can also check out a visual guide to washing your photo blanket in this video. Our simple tutorial will take you through the process step by step:


How to Clean a Photo Blanket: a Quick Summary

How to Wash a Photo Blanket at Home. Young woman having conversation with her mom while wrapped in blanket.

Put the blanket in the machine and select a cool wash for fleece blankets, cold wash for premium plush. Add detergent as needed (the more soiling, the more detergent) and start the cycle. After the wash is completed, hang the blanket on a clothesline and let it air dry.

Yes, it really is as simple as that! Thanks to the colorfast print quality achieved by premium providers like, modern photo blankets can just be popped in the machine – no need to wash by hand.

How to Wash a Photo Blanket at Home. Photo blanket next tp photo cushion.

Now if you can spare just a couple more minutes, our printing experts have shared a few more specialized blanket washing tips below. Everything you need to maintain your photo blanket in the best condition possible.

5 More Tips for Photo Blanket Washing

How to Wash a Photo Blanket at Home. Using laundry detergent to wash photo blankets

You wouldn’t wash a wool sweater the same way as a pair of jeans. Every kind of fabric needs to be treated a certain way, and sure enough there are some specific techniques you should use when washing photo blankets too. Here are the top tips from our experts:

  1. Wash photo blankets separately or together with similar colors. Our blankets are protected against color bleed, but it’s better to separate your laundry by colors for extra peace of mind.

  2. Use mild liquid detergent made for colored clothes – this will prevent your blanket from fading

  3. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener as these can damage the blanket fibers

  4. Check any stain removers you use are safe for polyester fabrics

  5. Don’t iron, steam, or dry-clean photo blankets. The powerful chemical solvents used in dry cleaning can damage the blanket material, and high temperatures can too.

Follow these simple rules when caring for your blanket and you’ll be able to enjoy its vivid colors and crisp resolution for many years.

How to Wash a Photo Blanket at Home. Personalized blanket with photo of young woman.

Oh, and just in case you still haven’t bought your first photo blanket, why not take care of that now? Head here to design your own personalized blanket with It’s time to get wrapped up in memories!

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