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Celebrate the Holidays with a Christmas Star Map

user iconby Maria Johnsonclock icon3 Minutescalender icon2023-12-31

Our Christmas star maps make perfect gifts – read on and learn how to celebrate those unforgettable moments in a very special way!

Christmas is a magical time. And it’s a time when many people reflect on the best moments of their year. If something truly special happened in your life this year – a big moment for you or your loved ones when it felt like the stars had aligned perfectly just for you – then we have the ideal custom tribute. And it makes a perfect holiday gift too!

Let us introduce star maps – custom prints that pinpoint the exact configuration of the stars at a particular time and place.

Curious to know more? Then read on and learn how to design a unique Christmas star map – paying tribute to one magical moment in a special person’s life!

In this article we’ll answer the most popular questions about custom star maps:


So What Exactly are Custom Star Maps?

Celebrate the Holidays with a Christmas Star Map. Personalized star map with Crhistmas Decorations around

A custom star map replicates the alignment of the stars at any precise moment of your choice. .

Here’s how it works: you select the date, location and time, and our in-built design tool uses real data from satellite databases to recreate that exact position of the stars on your map.

We use data from reliable scientific sources such as the Hipparcos Catalogue maintained by the European Space Agency and several NASA-based data collections. Every star map we print is an accurate representation of the heavens – printed in impeccable clarity.


Are Custom Star Maps Good as Gifts?

Celebrate the Holidays with a Christmas Star Map. A woman hanging her custom star map print

We understand that when it comes to Christmas gifts, a custom star map might not be the first thing on your mind. After all, these days we mostly use maps to get from A to B, not to appreciate the beauty of the world.

But our star maps are worlds apart from the maps you can access on your smartphone. Each one serves as a beautiful memento of life’s most special moments.

Custom star maps make wonderful gifts for just about any occasion, and we’re convinced that Christmas is the perfect season to give them to the people you love. Why? Because stars are one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas, of course! A custom star map won’t just celebrate that magical moment in your life, it will celebrate the holiday season too – a perfect combo that shows that you’ve put some thought into the gift!


The Star Map Aesthetic – Timeless and Elegant

Celebrate the Holidays with a Christmas Star Map. Custom star map print next to a beautiful Christmas decor.

Still not sure about a star map as a Christmas gift? You might be hesitant because you’re not sure whether it will suit your friend or family member’s taste. Will it fit into their home design scheme? These are valid questions – and luckily we have the answers to put your doubts to bed!

Designed in simple clean lines, our personalized star maps fit in effortlessly with almost any interior decor scheme. The bold colors and unfussy fonts have a timeless elegance that has nearly universal appeal.

Note that we print star maps on ¼“-thick Forex® hardfoam panels that add a pleasant physical presence to the print. The pure-white panel will remain visible at the sides of your print, forming an elegant contrast with the bold colors of the map.


How to Design a Christmas Star Map

Ready to gift personalized star maps this Christmas? Creating your own star map at couldn’t be easier – the whole process takes just a couple of minutes. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click on the “Design now” button on this page

  2. Choose your desired location, date and time

  3. Add a grid system and/or constellation chart (optional)

  4. Choose a map size and background color

  5. Write your own dedication if desired

  6. Add a decor frame (optional)

And you’re all set – your personalized star map is ready to go! We’ll take care of the printing, and our delivery partners will ship the map direct to you or your giftee. Design your Christmas star map now – and get a decor piece you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

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