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Make Your Own Photo Pillow in 3 Steps

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Wondering how to make your own photo pillow with a personalized design? Here’s our quick and easy step-by-step guide!

In This Article:


For a full explanation of each topic, head to the relevant sections further down the page.

But if you’re just looking for a quick run-down of how to place your order, see our brief step-by-step instructions for how to create a photo pillow immediately below!

What You Need to Make a Photo Pillow on

How to Make a Photo Pillow

It’s as simple as that! The process is quick and easy so just follow the steps and you’ll receive your new pillow in next to no time.

But we’d love to tell you more. So if you can spare just a few more minutes, read on for a full introduction to our awesome photo pillows!

What are Custom Photo Pillows?

Make Your Own Photo Pillow in 3 Steps. Two personalized pillows with photos of couple.

Custom photo pillows are a great way to display your favorite photos at home…and freshen up your interior decor at the same time! You choose the image that’s printed on your pillow – family or pet portraits, travel photos, landscapes, the list goes on.

A custom pillow is a cuddly lifestyle accessory that turns a favorite photo memory into an integral part of your living space. It also makes a touching and original gift ideas for any occasion.

The easiest way to get a personalized photo pillow is to use a specialist custom printing service. These days you can just upload your digital image to the shop website and they’ll send the finished product straight to your door.

Custom Photo Pillows from

Make Your Own Photo Pillow in 3 Steps. Personalized photo pillow full view. is a market leader in the custom print sector. Our photo pillows are hand-sewn and made with only the finest eco-friendly materials. We employ state-of-the-art printing techniques to get a superbly crisp and vivid reproduction of your image.

Our pillows are available in two options – classic satin or premium plush. The inks we use are odorless and fully hypoallergenic, meaning our photo pillows are safe for the whole family, pets included.

Best of all, these unique custom accessories won’t cost any more than you’d expect to pay for a regular pillow on the high street!

Tempted? We explain how to make your own photo pillow below.


How to Make Your Own Photo Pillow in 3 Steps

Make Your Own Photo Pillow in 3 Steps. Two personalized pillows with photos of couple.

Step 1: Choose an image to print

You can print pretty much anything on your custom pillow. Photos from your personal archives are always popular – vacation snaps, pet photos, and family portraits. But you could also choose artwork, nature photography, meme characters, anything. 

You can let your imagination run free here – but consider where in the house your pillows will be used, and how the images you choose will fit in with your interior decor.

(Top tip: Pinterest is a great source of home interior styles to get you inspired!)

Step 2: Choose your pillow style and size

We make 2 different versions of the custom pillow: 

1. Satin Pillow with White Border (16” x 16” format only) 

A beautiful home accessory in fine satin with a silky finish. Saturated colors and superb print definition. 

2. Premium Plush Pillow with Full-Area Print (12” x 12”, 16” x 16”, and 24” x 24” formats).

An exquisite premium item in super-soft downy plush, with the option of a colored reverse or double-sided print.

Note: The satin and premium plush versions are both machine-washable. See below for our step-by-step washing guide.

Step 3: Upload your chosen photos to

Once you’ve chosen, select one of the buttons here to upload your photo.

Then select your size format. If you’re buying a premium plush pillow, you’ll also need to select a design for the reserve side (white, colored, or a second print of your image). Note that you can add text to your print at this stage if desired.

When you’re ready, proceed to the shopping cart. Are your order details all correct? Great, then continue to checkout, enter your delivery & payment details, and complete your order.

And you’re all set! Your pillow will arrive in just a few days. You’ll receive a tracking code so you can follow its progress.


Washing your Photo Pillow

Make Your Own Photo Pillow in 3 Steps. Washing machine with pillows stacked next to it.

One of the most frequent customer queries we get is how to care for photo pillows. Specifically, can they be machine-washed?

And the answer is: yes they can! Just follow these instructions:

Remove the soft pillow insert and set it aside. Wash the cover only, selecting a gentle wash cycle. We recommend the cool setting for the satin pillow, but the cold setting for the premium version. Avoid using extra-strong detergent.

After the wash, hang the cover in a well-ventilated area to dry, then just replace the insert and you’re all done. 

The video below briefly demonstrates how to wash your pillow.

The following are NOT suitable for your pillow:

Tip: Wash your pillow cover with other laundry items (these will need to be similar colors). This will prevent the cover getting tossed around too much in the machine.


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