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How to Make Creative Photo Gifts for Friends

Our schedule is pretty much compiled of festivities and celebrations. Just check the nearest calendar, and you’ll see that birthdays, public holidays, and other, lesser-known bashes are scattered all over the place. With a frequency this high, it’s only normal to find ourselves pondering on the same old gift ideas over and over again. However, there is a way to make gift assortment practically endless or endlessly adjustable to be more precise.

With an option to be customized in any way you see fit, photo gifts are both a creative playground and the greatest last resort option at the same time. Here are some of the reasons to seriously consider acquiring a photo mug or photo cushion for the next time your friend has to blow the candles!

Cheap Photo Gifts with an Impact That’s Worth Millions

Let’s admit it, we love to see photos of ourselves printed on different kinds of surfaces. It’s a weirdly pleasant sensation to see our face on something like a photo phone case or photo mouse pad, as it’s the closest thing we can come to a personalized merchandise item. Just add the fact that the object sees frequent use from there on out, and you have the perfect meet-up between the symbolic and the practical. Add the superb price performance, and you have the ultimate gift solution!

photo gifts for any occasion photo phone cases

Photo Mug - Everybody Wants One

With three unique variations available just a couple of clicks away, photo mugs are one of the most popular destinations when it comes to choosing the gift for that one special person. While the classic ceramic option provides customizable high-quality dishware, the premium, porcelain-made mug comes off as a genuine collector’s item. It is sophisticated, boasts a full, 360° print-work, and has an elegantly curved handle. However, if there’s truly a knockout photo gift that won’t leave anyone indifferent, then it simply has to be the photo magic mug.

photo gifts for any occasion photo mugs

Able to transform itself from solid black to whatever image you’ve picked once a hot beverage is poured into it, it’s a photo gift that never ceases to amaze. Apart from its functional purpose, it also opens up a lot of room for your creativity. Want to propose subtly but with great taste? Cocoa with little marshmallows floating on the surface and a simple “Will you marry me?” revealing itself once the mug has changed its appearance will be a stunning surprise, to put it mildly. Give your imagination some free roam!

Getting Warm and Cozy

Regardless of the circumstances, hardly anyone would ever reject the idea of a lazy afternoon spent snuggling in perfectly soft bedding set. However, today, this celebration of comfort can be easily brought to another level with our special, custom-made photo blanket. Just think of all the large size photos you’ve ever wanted to disappear into. A starlit universe? A sea of clouds? Your kid’s favorite Marvel superhero? There’s literally nothing that can’t be printed on your new custom-made photo blanket!

photo gifts for any occasion photo blanket

Of course, it’s not just the photo that makes it. The incredibly soft fleece provides a pleasant tactile sensation, while the machine washable print makes the blanket suitable for any environment you see fit. Whether you like to disappear into a comfy reading den or break the routine with a spontaneous picnic in the park, the photo blanket will do just fine in any situation.

photo gifts for any occasion photo blanket close up

The print itself is hypoallergenic and odorless, making the photo blanket into something you really cannot miss with. Endlessly cuddle-able and available in two variations (regular and premium), the custom photo blanket is the photo gift that will make the addressee remember the giver whenever it’s in sight!

It’s Important to Accessorize

photo gifts for any personalized phone cases

Little things such as a personalized phone case really do matter, especially when you’re a high school kid in a schoolyard. At the age when being original is not just a preference but almost a necessity, the opportunity of having a unique, custom-made phone case that distinguishes one from the rest is not to miss. With a custom-made photo phone case from, you instantly acquire the following:

So… Why a Photo Gift Is the Right Way to Go

photo gifts for any occasion photo gifts set

For the very simple reason that you may not find anything better within hand’s reach. Okay, not just that. Photo gifts are the perfect juxtaposition of emotionally impactful and practically valuable presents, and there’s hardly a better solution once the festivity schedule gets too oversaturated for its own good. The hardest part is probably looking up the image that would really resonate with the receiver. However, if the occasion is truly special, there will surely be a special photo for us to print!

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