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Creative Photo Gift Ideas for Your Friends

user iconby Gvido Grubeclock icon5 Minutescalender icon2023-11-15

Looking for creative photo gift ideas for your friends and family? Look no further - these personalized photo gifts are all you need!

Festivities and celebrations make up a big part of our lives. Just take a look at your calendar and you’re sure to see a birthday, public holiday or other celebration approaching. They come around so often that we can find ourselves recycling the same old gift ideas again and again.

Personalized photo gifts, however, give you a whole new creative approach to gifts – and help you come up with touching, original ideas every time.

Cheap Photo Gifts with Priceless Results

Let’s admit it, we all love to see photos of ourselves printed on unusual formats. It’s an oddly pleasant sensation to see our face on something like a photo phone case or photo mouse pad – maybe because it’s the closest thing we’ll get to a personalized merchandise item. And when the object has a real use as well, you’ve got the perfect blend of charm and practicality. Add superb price performance and this is the ultimate gift solution!

photo gifts for any occasion photo phone cases

Photo Mug - Everybody Wants One

With three unique variations available just a couple of clicks away, photo mugs are the go-to option when you need a gift for that special someone. The classic ceramic option gives you customizable high-quality tableware, while the premium mug – made from genuine porcelain – is a true collector’s item. It’s sophisticated, boasts a full 360° print and comes with an elegantly curved handle. However, if you’re looking for a knockout photo gift that leaves your loved ones wide-eyed, it simply has to be the photo magic mug.

photo gifts for any occasion photo mugs

Once a hot beverage is poured into the magic mug its pure black exterior will melt away, revealing your unique photo image. It’s a photo gift that never fails to amaze, and which opens up a lot of room for your creativity. Looking for a subtle and wonderfully original way to propose? A simple “Will you marry me?” that reveals itself when you pour a hot drink into your partner’s new mug will take their breath away. And that’s just one way you can give a thrilling surprise to your friends and loved ones – with a magic mug you can give your imagination free rein!

Getting Warm and Cozy

Who could turn down a lazy afternoon spent snuggling in a perfectly soft bedding set? Now you can raise the comfort levels to new highs with our special custom-made photo blanket. Think of a photo and imagine wrapping yourself up in it. A starry firmament? A sea of clouds? Your kid’s favorite Marvel superhero? There’s nothing that can’t be printed on your new custom-made photo blanket!

photo gifts for any occasion photo blanket

Of course, it’s not just the photo that makes it. The soft fleece is wonderfully pleasing to the touch, while the state-of-the-art print is machine washable. Whether you like to disappear into a comfy reading den or break the routine with a spontaneous picnic in the park, the photo blanket will play its part wonderfully!

photo gifts for any occasion photo blanket close up

The print’s also hypoallergenic and odorless, making the photo blanket safe for all the family. Exceptionally cuddly and available in two great versions (regular and premium), the custom photo blanket is a simply unforgettable photo gift!


So… Why a Photo Gift Is the Right Way to Go

photo gifts for any occasion photo gifts set

A photo gift is the perfect blend of emotional and practical value, giving you an effortless solution when the party schedule’s getting crowded. We handle the first-class production and the reliable, speedy delivery, so the hardest part for you is finding the perfect image to print. Once you’ve found the right photo, an unforgettable celebration is all but assured thanks to our magical photo gifts!

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