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What is a Metal Print?

Does choosing a metal foundation enhance the look and feel of your personalized photo print? The short answer – yes, it does. And there are other benefits too, so just read on to find out more!

Here’s what you’re getting when you invest in photo metal prints:

What is a metal print? Edge of aluminum photo print.

What are Metal Prints Made of?

The name might suggest an interior design piece that’s at the chunkier and weightier end of the spectrum. But in fact a metal print is made from a three-part composite panel, consisting of two slimline aluminum sheets either side of a lightweight black plastic core.

This ingenious combination is the secret behind the defining quality of a metal print – although it’s sturdy, it’s still remarkably light. This means that it’s all but effortless to move around. And the benefits of owning a metal print don’t end here.

Because metal prints aren’t just convenient, they’re superbly elegant too.

What is a Metal Print? Two differently sized photo metal prints.

The pair of refined aluminum sheets with their silvery edges, combined with the sheen produced by the protective laminate cover, give your print the unmistakable look of a premium decor piece.

Thanks to a cleverly positioned hanging system, a metal print gives the impression that it’s floating against the wall without being physically attached. Needless to say, this only rounds off the elegant effect.

If you want the perfect decor piece for a modern office space or minimalist apartment, this is it.

All-Around Protection from UV and Humidity

The elegant beauty of your personalized decor piece will be maintained for many years to come, because metal prints come with a protective film that shields them from the effects of UV radiation.

In other words, your image won’t suffer the fading effects of sunlight, so those vibrant colors will be just as striking decades down the line.

What is a metal print? Photo of baby printed on aluminum composite panel.

The protective layer also makes the print on metal pretty much waterproof. In fact, it’s a rare example of a wall decor piece that’s fit for display in humid environments – the perfect choice if you want to decorate your bathroom or kitchen.

What About the Print Itself?

With that said, what’s the point of paying for top-notch performance if the image quality itself is lackluster? Well, it’s safe to say you have no reason to worry in this department.

As well as being renowned for its incredible endurance, the print on metal boasts a print quality to rival any format on the market.

What is a Metal Print. Family photo printed on aluminum.

What is it that makes metal prints so striking? In part, the secret lies in the use of genuine photo paper. Thanks to our sophisticated printing technology and the laboratory-quality paper we use for every print, you get a super-accurate pixel-by-pixel reproduction of the original hues and textures.

The first thing you’ll notice is the particularly high resolution – a quality common to all print formats using premium photo paper. Every detail is crystal-clear, meaning that each photo, be it an epic landscape or an arty black-and-white portrait, becomes a genuinely immersive experience.

What is a metal print? Animal photography on metal prints.

Of all the foundations available for your photo print, the aluminum composite panel is the connoisseur’s choice. They might cost that little bit extra, but metal prints are a tried-and-tested way to bring out the best in your photos and give your living space that effortless stamp of luxury. It’s an investment you won’t regret.

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