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Update Office with Photo Metal Prints

user iconby Gvido Grubeclock icon5 Minutescalender icon2023-12-31

Photo metal prints suggest prestige and understated refinement, making them the perfect fit for any modern office space.

A natural complement to clean, shining hallways and modern minimalist interiors, aluminium prints are without a doubt the foremost contender if you’re considering a new decorative piece for your workplace. But what exactly is it that makes a metal photo print such a great high-end decor item? Let’s find out.

It's the Structure

Aluminum photo prints head the field when it comes to structural resilience. Built to last but surprisingly mobile, aluminum prints are actually a very clever composite of aluminum and plastic sheets. Two aluminum sheets sandwich a black plastic core, providing an elegantly balanced structure, while the layered edge of the frame gives the aluminum print its unique appearance.

photo aluminum prints aluminum print side view

Meanwhile, the silver lining of the sheets adds even more exclusive sophistication, making the metal print a perfect statement piece (it could feature a portrait of the founder of your company, or a large-format declaration of the core values). Despite its imposing appearance, your piece of aluminum wall art will be easy to move around and won’t require an unwieldy hanging system to set up. Even a 20” x 20” aluminum photo print will seem to float effortlessly on your wall.

Immaculate Print Quality

Well, durability is all well and good, but if your print is going to be displayed in a bustling lobby then it needs to look the part too. Thankfully, our photo metal prints are the product of superb, cutting-edge printing practices. Boasting exceptional sharpness and powerful, instantly noticeable contrasts, the photo print on aluminum is pretty much second to none.

photo aluminum prints landscape aluminum print

We reproduce your photo directly on the surface of the aluminum composite.The inks we use are resistant to UV and moisture, meaning that your print should keep its original appearance for decades, even if it's displayed in humid spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

photo aluminum prints cat photo aluminum print

The print itself stays as true to the original image as contemporary technology allows, employing highly advanced printing processes to achieve an all but perfect reproduction. We use solvent-free HP latex inks, meaning that your print will not only look stunning but will be perfectly safe for everyone to enjoy.

High-End Prints at Rock-Bottom Prices

But you don’t have to worry about aluminum prints cleaning out your office decorating budget. We might use complex manufacturing processes, we might have a proven track record for getting premium results, but our aluminum print achieves fantastic price performance, giving you a discount of up to 50%!

photo aluminum prints baby photo aluminum print

Those lucky enough to catch one of our regular sales can expect even more reduced prices – an aluminum print from is a high-end decor item for the price of a regular canvas print.

The Best Compliment You Can Give Your Office

It’s hard to imagine a contemporary working space without an imposing piece of wall art tying the whole look together – think of the iconic Albert Watson portrait of Steve Jobs, or some variation on the “Keep calm and...” quote. Standing out as effortlessly refined and confident among myriad quirky little design elements, aluminum photo prints have become a decor staple for up-and-coming startups and established firms alike.

photo aluminum prints berlin tower photo print

You might be tempted to go with a simpler and less costly option such as Forex® or canvas, but photo aluminum prints offer the kind of durable quality that’s perfect for marking achievements, celebrating tradition, and inspiring the staff at your head office.

Want to give the team at your advertising company some extra motivation? Try displaying the famous Volkswagen “Lemon” advert on a metal photo print. Or if you want to boost morale at your tech startup, what could be better than an aluminum print version of an early computer ad? These are little touches but they make a big difference – and when you’re setting the mood with a bold image, the foundation it’s printed on is essential to getting it right.

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