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What Is a Floating Frame? All Your Questions Answered

user iconby Maria Johnsonclock icon3 Minutescalender icon2024-01-31

What is a floating frame, and is it a good choice for canvas prints? Read our guide and start framing your photos like a pro!

What is a floating frame and why should you consider using one? If you want your canvas prints to look fit for a gallery, read on.

With their bold and chunky appearance, canvas prints are wonderfully striking – and adding a frame can take their aesthetic to a whole new level. Floating frames are one of the best options out there. In this article, we'll explore what floating frames are, how they work, and why they’re a great decor feature for your prints.

Here are the questions we’ll cover:

What Is a Float Frame?

A floating frame creates the illusion of artwork floating within the frame by leaving a gap between the frame and the artwork. This adds depth and dimension to the display, making it visually appealing. It's often used for canvas prints, but can also be used for other artwork.

What Is a Floating Frame: a close-up of a framed canvas print demonstrating the gap between the frame and the print

The gap between the frame and the canvas also provides a buffer that protects the edges of the canvas from damage. Floating frames are a popular choice for art collectors, photographers, and anyone looking to elevate the look of their canvas prints.

Our visual guide will help you understand what a floating frame is. Check out the video below to gain a better understanding of this frame format.


Floating Frames vs Traditional Frames

What Is a Floating Frame: three canvas prints in floating frames on the wall

Floating frames offer several benefits over more traditional framing solutions. Here are a few of the advantages:

First, floating frames can take the aesthetic of your artwork or photo to the next level. The gap between the artwork and the frame emphasizes the three-dimensional presence of the printed canvas, making your print look more sophisticated and professional.

Floating frames also provide an added layer of protection for your artwork. Since the artwork doesn't touch the frame directly, there's less chance of damage from moisture, dust, or knocks.

Adding a floating frame to your wall art also helps to tie your piece seamlessly into your room's decor scheme. It creates a smooth transition from the print to the wall, making your artwork a cohesive part of any space. If the wall and print are similar colors, a floating frame in a well-chosen shade can add an appealing note of contrast. For example, if you have light walls and a light print, adding a frame with a darker shade can bring a striking pop of contrast to your room.

Floating frames are also versatile and can be used for a variety of photo prints, from wedding photos to bold abstract art and reproductions of famous paintings.

Are Canvas Prints in Floater Frames Better Than Unframed?

What Is a Floating Frame: a canvas prints in a floating frame leaned against the wall

Ultimately, the choice to frame canvas prints in a floater frame or to leave them unframed depends on the aesthetic desired.

One advantage of using a floater frame for canvas prints is that it adds depth and dimension to the artwork. The space between the canvas and frame creates a shadow that enhances the three-dimensional quality of the piece. Floater frames are also a great way to protect the edges of the canvas from damage.

On the other hand, leaving a canvas print unframed can give it a minimalist look that suits contemporary design. Unframed canvas prints are ideal for showcasing bold graphic design or abstract art.

Both framing options have their own advantages and can be used to achieve different visual effects. It's best to consider the style of your artwork and your room decor before choosing.

Where to Find Your Floating Frame

What Is a Floating Frame: a close-up of a floating frame showing how the print looks in the frame

You can always buy an unframed canvas print and get it framed later by a specialist service, or even attempt a DIY floating frame, but it's much easier – and usually cheaper – to order a canvas print that will arrive with the frame already attached.

If you decide to go the ready-framed route, CANVASDISCOUNT have you covered. We offer a huge range of canvas print formats, all sold at factory-direct discount prices, and most of our formats come with the option of a floating frame for a modest extra cost.

Your print will arrive at your door ready to hang on your wall, with a stylish floating frame in a range of classic shades and wood finishes.

So What About the Cost?

What Is a Floating Frame: a woman hangs a canvas print in a floating frame on the wall

At CANVASDISCOUNT, the extra price you’ll pay to add a floating frame depends on the size format of your canvas. To give you an idea of the extra cost, our 12x16” print is $25 unframed and $45 framed.

It's easy to add a frame to your order – once you’ve uploaded your photo and chosen your print size, you can choose from a range of floating frame designs under “Choose Frame Type and Color”.

However, note that some of our print formats are only available unframed. This applies to panoramic prints as well as a few other formats. If you don’t see the “Choose Frame Type and Color” option after choosing your print dimensions, that means the size you’ve selected isn’t offered with a floating frame.


Floating frames can transform your canvas, giving it a bold and elegant finish. If you're interested in getting a floating frame with your next canvas print, you can do so quickly and conveniently here at CANVASDISCOUNT!

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