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What to Do When You’re Bored

user iconby Gvido Grube clock icon2020-04-09

Wondering what to do when you’re bored? Use the time to bring the personal touch to your home with CanvasDiscount.com canvas prints!

Boredom can really get you down – but it can also be used to your advantage. If you’ve got a whole lot of time with very little to do, the photo printing experts at CanvasDiscount.com are here to suggest a couple of ways you can spend this time productively.

This is the perfect time to redecorate in time for the summer months. Let’s have a look at the best ways to banish boredom and get creative in your involuntary downtime.

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Budget Interior Makeover with Photo Canvas Prints


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Redecorating with photo canvas prints is a great way to keep yourself occupied. And while it will consume your time, it won’t consume your budget – canvas prints make an incredibly wallet-friendly diversion! Our prices start at just $5 for the smallest canvas (8” x 8”)!

CanvasDiscount.com give you the tools to express yourself and give your home a fresh look – at bargain prices.

Why not try one of our Wall Display layouts? They’re perfect for filling blank patches on your walls, whether above the staircase or behind the desk in your home office.


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The layouts give you ready-made composition ideas. Buying multiple prints in a pre-set arrangement means you don’t need to worry about choosing the right size – just upload a photo for each section of the layout and our website will do the rest. Not to mention that buying in bulk this way saves you money, as all the layouts come with amazing discounts!

The process is super simple. First, select the photos you want to see printed. You can pay tribute to personal moments and milestones, such as weddings or family gatherings, or just choose any imagery that appeals – flowers, skyscapes, mountain ranges.

Once you’ve chosen the photos, it’s time to upload the files to our website. The upload and ordering system is designed to be super intuitive, and won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

MIXPIX® – Best for a Quick and Easy Change


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MIXPIX® photo tiles could have been made for times like these. Easy to create and exciting to use, these are a dream come true if you’ve got a penchant for frequent redecorating.

What makes them so great? Well, of all their handy features, the best might be that MIXPIX® prints don’t need any extra equipment to get them on the wall – no nails, no hammers, no drills.

The tiles come with reusable adhesive pads already attached.


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Meaning you can stick them up in seconds, and move them just as quick when you fancy a change – simply pull them away and then stick them on the wall again in a new spot.

Whether you upload photos from your phone’s image library or direct from your Instagram feed, creating your MIXPIX® prints is a fun and rewarding process. Meanwhile, decorating your home with the titles gives you real creative freedom. Create collages, freshen up your home office or put a soothing print series in the nursery – the potential is limitless.

Sharing Love from a Distance – Personalized Photo Gifts

So let’s say you’ve redecorated and you’re looking for a new project. Well, how about taking the opportunity to let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them?


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The perfect way to spread a bit of happiness is with personalized gifts.

Whether you choose a set of custom mugs, a cushion printed with a touching message or a personalized star map marking a landmark event you’ve shared, CanvasDiscount.com has made the whole process as easy and safe as possible.

Not only can orders marked as gifts be delivered direct to the recipient’s address, but our shipping provider will offer “contactless” delivery – the courier will leave the package on the doorstep, ring the bell and then retreat to a sensible distance, with no signature required.

With personalized photo gifts you can stay close to your loved ones while keeping your distance!


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From freshening up your home decor to turning your favorite photos into lifestyle accessories and gifts, there are plenty of ways to use your free time productively. Take a look at the great CanvasDiscount.com product range and get inspired!

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