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How to Make a Collage on Canvas: no Mod Podge Required

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Wondering how to make a collage on canvas? Our guide tells you everything you need to know – and then you’re ready to make a start!

Thinking of buying a photo canvas? Then you’ll know that deciding on just a single photo to print can be a challenge – after all, these days our smartphones are filled with amazing pictures, most of them quite worthy of a new life in print.

Well, we have good news: you don’t need to choose just one picture. Not if you go for a collage on canvas! This unique wall art feature lets you showcase multiple photo memories all on a single canvas print. In this article, we’ll explain how to make a collage on canvas without buying supplies from the hardware store. We’ll also give you some tips for designing a strikingly beautiful print, so make sure to read our guide all the way through!

How to Make a Collage on Canvas: Brief Instructions

How to Make a Collage on Canvas. Woman setting up canvas collage with photos of her family.

It takes just a few minutes to design a canvas collage at The whole process is pretty intuitive, so if you’re eager to get started, head straight to our online collage canvas maker and start creating your collage right away.

Or you can read our how-to guide first that talks you through every step. And we’ve also provided some creative tips to help you make your collage on canvas a real showstopper.

So let’s get started! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to our canvas collage page. Then click on the “Choose Design” button to browse the design options we offer.

  2. Select template. Choose by the number of photos, theme, and print orientation (i.e. portrait, landscape, or square) that you want. When you’ve chosen, click on the image mock-up to proceed.

  3. Choose size. Choose a size format for your print. At this point you can also add a special canvas hanger set to your order for a few extra dollars. Click “Design now” when you’re ready.

  4. Get creative! You’ll now be transferred to the collage maker tool. Upload your photos and experiment with our design features: layouts, backgrounds, text and more. Once you’re satisfied, click “Order” and enter delivery and payment details. We’ll take it from here!

Once we’ve received your order, you can expect to receive your new canvas collage within a few days.

A Canvas Collage without Mod Podge or Glue

How to Make a Collage on Canvas. Couple boat ride photo prints.

If you’re a non-specialist, there are two main approaches to making a photo canvas collage. The first is to roll your sleeves up and attach photo prints to a canvas sheet by yourself. The second is to find photo printing professionals who’ll do the job for you – by printing your images directly onto the canvas fabric.

So if you’re looking for a solution that won’t require any special DIY skills (or a trip to the craft store to buy glue or Mod Podge), the second option is probably the one for you. And you’ll be glad to know there are high-quality print specialists out there making make personalized canvas collages at very reasonable prices – CANVASDISCOUNT to name but one!

Below we’ve provided some tips for getting the best out of our service. And further down we’ve also put together some handy design tips to help you get the canvas collage of your dreams!

How to Make a Collage on Canvas: Extra Tips

How to Make a Collage on Canvas. Photo canvas collage featuring photos of mother and daughter.

1. Filter by Layout and Orientation

We offer 58 collage templates in total – plenty of choice! So to help you choose the one that’s right for you, why not filter the selection using the preference buttons to the left of the template list.

Filter by Layout to narrow down the choices to a certain number of photos, or by Orientation if you’ve got a landscape, portrait, or square print in mind.

2. Filter by Theme

You can also filter by Theme to help you find the perfect text/background for your images. We offer 6 collage theme categories: Love, Travel, Wedding, Winter, Pets, and Family. It’s always a good idea to apply a bit of lateral thinking here and try more than one filter – your perfect template might be in a category you didn’t expect!

3. Select Images That Work Together

To create an effective collage, you’ll need to combine multiple photos into one cohesive whole. So there needs to be some common thread between your image (style, color, etc) if you want to achieve that unified composition. Don’t shy away from telling a story with your photos – a striking piece of wall art with a deeper significance can turn a house into a home.

4. Take Advantage of Our Handy Design Tools

Once you’ve reached the product design page, you’ll find a wide range of design options to help you get the very best out of your collage. You can change the background design, refigure the layout, overlay your photos with “masks” that hide sections of the content, or add your own text.

Just drag and drop the design options you want into the relevant part of your collage.

And for those who prefer to keep things simple, we offer an Easy Editing mode that focuses on only the most important design choices.

Photo Collage on Canvas – Ideas for You

How to Make a Collage on Canvas. Multiple canvas collage prints in living room.

You’ll find 58 collage templates in our collage canvas maker. To help you decide which one is best suited for your photos, we’ve divided the templates into 6 different general themes. We’ll briefly introduce each theme below.

Remember, you can filter the templates by using the filtering tools to the left of the template list on our product page.

Travel memories. You can dedicate one collage to a single dream vacation, or combine your favorite photo memories from several different trips.

Wedding. A photo collage on canvas is a beautifully fitting tribute to that special day. Making wall decor from your wedding photos will make those precious moments a part of your everyday life.

Winter holidays. Holiday-themed photos arranged as a canvas collage make fantastic wall art at any time of year, and during the Christmas season they’re the perfect way to create that special festive atmosphere.

Family. Family photos are all but essential to any family home – and a collage on canvas is a strikingly fresh way to showcase the best pictures of your family.

Pet pictures. A collage of cute photos of your furry friends is all but guaranteed to raise a smile every time you see it. A canvas collage is also a beautiful way to remember a pet who’s passed on.

Love. Time shared with your better half is simply priceless – and if you capture those precious moments in photos displayed as a canvas collage, they’ll always be fresh in your memory.

So, now that you’ve read our tips for how to make a collage on canvas, it’s time to put them into practice! Design your new canvas collage now, and give your home a beautiful new decor feature displaying the pictures that mean the most! If you're only starting in the world of personalized wall art, check out our compilation ofeasy canvas printing tips!

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