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Why Should I Go for Custom Canvas Prints Online?

user iconby Gvido Grubeclock icon3 Minutescalender icon2023-12-31

Buying custom canvas prints online in an age when you can easily store your photos on the cloud? Good for you. Let us tell you right off the bat - there’s nothing unusual or outdated about it. In fact, there are quite a few advantages to this approach. Read on, and you’ll find out why you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in a photo canvas print!

Photo Canvas Prints Have Made Millions of People Happy

Our canvas prints have made people happy. Let that simple statement sink in. And we’re not talking about regular happy here; some of the stories we’ve heard from our customers have described literally life-changing experiences.

Why Should I Buy Canvas Prints. Office Interior with Canvas

Teary-eyed grandparents seeing the new generation graduating from elementary school, adults seeing new tributes to the family pets they grew up with – these are some of the special moments people using our service have told us about. Whether the photos are sentimental, funny or sad, the emotional impact a beautiful reproduction can have is pretty much priceless, and our customers aren’t shy about sharing their emotions on our social media platforms. Feel free to check them out.

It's a Long-Term Investment

When you think about buying a canvas print, you might be thinking of a simple home decor feature that you’ll most likely discard after a few years. But it doesn’t have to work out like that. And there’s every chance that a photo canvas featuring one of your most special photos will end up being seen by generations to come.

Why Should I Buy Canvas Prints. Atmospheric Vintage Interior with Canvas prints.

Our prints are archival quality – the technology involved in the manufacturing process means that they can endure for decades. Your print will have reached the grand age of 75 or more before the colors begin to fade. Time will roll on but the memory will stay the same.

Storing Photos on Virtual Platforms Isn’t Actually That Safe

We tend to think that the folders on our desktops and the cloud accounts we maintain are completely secure options for maintaining a photo library. The reality is more complicated. We’re not just talking about the slight possibility of a hacker attack – though this is something you should always bear in mind. The fact is that these archives are susceptible to user error as well.

Why Should I Buy Canvas Prints. Two women with phones.

Accidental deletions, the unexplained loss of the odd special photo, or some photos simply being forgotten in tucked-away corners of your devices – these kinds of mishaps are inevitable while human nature remains as it is, so virtual storage will never be completely worry-free. In contrast, having a whole series of photos printed as, say, a photo collage for your wall means that they’ll be there at all times as physical objects you simply can’t miss. So if you’ve got a series of photos from your last music-festival adventure, now you know what to do with them!

The Reproduction Quality Is on Par with Gallery Exhibits

You also need to think about the technical side of things. If you’re unsure what a photo canvas print is actually composed of, let us tell you that it’s not paper stretched over any old wooden square. A special canvas cloth is carefully stretched over a hand-crafted wooden frame.

Why Should I Buy Canvas Prints. Smiling Woman in a Gallery.

Prior to this, the cloth goes through the photo printing process. Special HP latex inks are applied to the canvas, reproducing your image pixel by pixel, line by line. The finished piece is a perfect copy of your photo, truly impressive in its detail and color richness. And the best part? This is an all-natural piece of work. The inks we use are solvent-free, meaning that your artwork is safe for anyone to handle, even those suffering from allergies.

It’s Affordable

We’ve left what’s probably the most convincing argument till last. Turning a cherished image into a photo canvas print is one of the surest ways to bring a bit more happiness into your life – and also one of the cheapest. We could argue our case further, but the truth is that one glance at our price list tells you all you need to know. A photo canvas represents the ultimate in price performance. How little you pay for our streamlined production process and the sheer quality of the product, not to mention our ultra-quick delivery, is simply amazing.

Why Should I Buy Canvas Prints. Man with a Piggy Bank.

Are you feeling convinced already? To give you the final push and persuade you once and for all that printing a photo canvas with really is the wise choice, see more posts in our Decor Hub section to learn about all the benefits of owning one! Once you’ve checked out the service comparisons, shopping guides and extra tips, stick around to create your own canvas!

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