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  • Choose a photo favorite for each month
  • Printed on top-quality paper
  • Superb photo reproduction quality
  • Simple online design interface

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Individual photo calendars

Format Factory Price Special Price
Desk calendar $24.00 from $7.00
Post card calendar $24.00 from $7.00
Wall Calendar $28.00 from $12.00
Folding calendar $34.00 from $14.00
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Our Photo Calendars

What is our Photo Calendar?

  • calendar complete view
  • calendar detail view
  • calendar im room

Our Photo Calendar is a custom item printed with your own photo memories. So you can look back to the best times from your past even as you plan the weeks and months ahead. Choose from our range of fabulous templates, then use our versatile design interface to get creative!

  • 4 different custom calendar styles
  • 12+1 pages: one photo a month plus cover
  • Great-looking and practical – a perfect gift
  • Choose direct printing or real photo paper
  • Option to save project and finish later

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Wall Calendars

Wall calendar

Wall Calendar

  • Choice of 5 formats
  • Handy spiral-bound design
from $10.00

Appointment Calendar

Wall calendar

Appointment Calendar

  • 12" x 8" photo page + 12" x 8" calendar page
  • Total area when opened out 24" x 16"
from $14.00

Desk Calendars

Postcard calendar

Postcard Calendar

  • Comes in 2 sizes (7" x 4" and 8" x 5")
  • Semi-gloss surface easy to write on
$ 12.00 $ 8.00
Desk calendar

Desk Calendar

  • Comes in 2 sizes (7" x 6" and 12" x 4")
  • Display on any table or desk
$ 8.00 $ 7.00

Your Choice of Paper Type

Direct print with satin finish

Direct printing with satin-matte finish

Your pictures are printed on calendar pages made from top-grade paper. A satin-matte finish makes the surface ideal for writing on with a ball-point pen.

Photo paper with gloss finish

Pages made from genuine photo paper

Your pictures are printed on calendar pages made of real lab-quality photo paper. The superb color saturation we achieve will be shown to best advantage by the gloss finish.

Custom Calendars Printed with Your Pictures

Your Unique Personalized Calendar

Pics from that dream vacation, cute/funny snapshots of your pets, maybe even a professional photoshoot. Print your favorite photos on our custom photo calendar and they’ll bring you joy day after day, month after month. A picture calendar makes an ideal gift too – any time of year!

Superior Printing, Top-Grade Materials

Expect vibrant colors and eye-popping definition on each of the 12 photo calendar pages – plus the fully customizable cover. We offer 2 deluxe print types: choose direct digital printing, or pages made from real pro-grade photo paper.

Custom Calendars for Every Purpose

Our huge range of custom calendar designs means there’s something for everyone. We’ve got solutions for your study, office, kitchen, and more. Keep things compact with the Desk Calendar or choose the Wall Calendar and show the world the stunning beach vistas from that legendary vacation!

Design Your Photo Calendar Online

Our online editor gives you the tools to design every page. It’s versatile and user-friendly: creating your personalized calendar shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Need to take a break before you’re finished? No problem! You can save your project and pick up where you left off later.

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2024-07-21. Together with a rating of 4.7 stars out of the available 5, CANVASDISCOUNT has an excellent satisfaction rate of 91% out of the maximum 100% from visitors of the site, based on 44061 reviews collected by Trustpilot. Design your Custom Photo Calendar!

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