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Photo Book Retail Price Price From
Photo booklet 6x8 $ 15.00 $ 5.00
Softcover 6x8 $ 27.00 $ 9.00
Ring binder 6x8 $ 36.00 $ 12.00
Hardcover 8x11 $ 50.00 $ 17.00
Photo paper Softcover 8x11 $ 117.00 $ 39.00
Photo paper Hardcover 8x11 $ 147.00 $ 49.00
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Photo booklet 8" x 11"

  • Classic portrait format
  • Hardcover
  • Lay-flat binding
  • Photo paper with gloss finish
$9.00 $27.00

Photo paper Softcover 4" x 4"

  • Cute square format
  • Slim paperback cover
  • Lay-flat binding
  • Photo paper with gloss finish
$9.00 $27.00

5" x 7" Photo paper Softcover

  • Classic landscape format
  • Slim paperback cover
  • Lay-flat binding
  • Photo paper with gloss finish
$19.00 $57.00

8" x 8" Photo paper Hardcover

  • Classic square format
  • Hardcover
  • Lay-flat binding
  • Photo paper with gloss finish
$39.00 $117.00€
lay flat

Photo Books – Memories Made Eternal

A wedding, an idyllic vacation, a brand-new family member – these are the moments that make life precious. And a photo book from CanvasDiscount.com will preserve your most priceless photo memories in print – so they’re yours to keep for a lifetime.

Stand-alone images, rolling panoramas, photo collages – whatever your vision, we put the creative tools in your hands so you can do it your way. And our role? We just focus on printing your photos in the vibrant colors and breathtaking clarity they deserve.

lay flat

Range of Format and Binding Choices

  • 9 size formats (up to 16 x 12)
  • Choice of 4 binding options
  • Digital print or photo paper

A Name You Can Trust

Here at CanvasDiscount.com, we know how much your photo memories mean to you. That’s why we use only the finest materials and the most advanced printing technology. Oh, and did we mention that all our photo books come with a lowest-price guarantee for the United States?

Handy Layout Templates

Need a hand planning your photo book? With our helpful templates (there are dozens to choose from), you’ll have your book designed front to back in minutes. Prefer to do it your way? No problem! Our user-friendly interface gives you all the tools you need.


Custom Photo Book – Fully Customized

Custom Photo Album – A Touching Gift

There’s no better way to preserve cherished photo memories than with a high-quality photo book. With our great selection of formats and templates, you can tell your story YOUR way. Choose from state-of-the-art digital printing or pages made out of professional-grade photo paper.

Choose the Page Finish

The photo book with digital reproduction comes with an elegant satin-matte finish, while the photo paper version comes in either glossy or matte. Got some showstopping panorama photos you want to see in their full glory? Choose photo paper with lay-flat binding for the ultimate two-page spread!

Photo Books Online – Stunning Print Clarity

Create a photo book online and see your pictures as if for the first time. Our cutting-edge print technology ensures bold, saturated color and beautifully crisp definition. Whether you prefer real photo paper or digital print reproduction, we source premium-grade paper for all our photobooks.

Simple & Speedy Design Process

Portrait, landscape, or square? Once you’ve chosen your basic layout, our user-friendly interface will make the design process simple. We offer dozens of creative templates and backgrounds – and you control the sequencing, orientation, and dimensions of your pictures.

Ratings and Reviews

2023-06-09. Together with a rating of 4.8 stars out of the available 5, CanvasDiscount.com has an excellent satisfaction rate of 96% out of the maximum 100% from visitors of the site, based on 29869 reviews collected by TrustPilot. Design your Photo Book now!

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