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Canvas Printing Prices - Is the Service Expensive?

user iconby Gvido Grubeclock icon3 Minutescalender icon2024-05-15

Canvas printing prices vary from shop to shop, as does the quality of prints. Does it mean all affordable prints are bad? Not at all.

Are you wondering what makes the disparity between canvas printing prices on different online printing shops? Many factors contribute to this, some reasonable, some less so.

It’s a common belief that getting top-quality canvas wall art will take a heavy toll on your wallet. And on your quest to find the best canvas printing service, you’ll probably run into some top-end services that seem to prove this belief right. But we think it’s a myth – and we’re going to explain why.

We’d advise against spending big money on the first premium service you find, because there are companies that can provide the same quality without cleaning you out. And yes…we’re hinting at!

In this article:

Canvas Prints Expensive? Not Necessarily

Why are canvas prints so expensive? Close up photo of photo canvas prints.

Now, we could just skip this section and invite you to look at our prices right now. We’re confident that would be enough to convince you. But we want to prove you can keep prices low without compromising on quality.

To dispel any doubt, we’ll explain why canvas prints really don’t have to be expensive even at the top of the quality scale. And why they’ve actually become more affordable than they were some time ago.

Custom printing has become a thriving industry sector, meaning there are simply more services operating than ever before. With big beasts like Walmart dipping a toe in the market, and a steady supply of app-based newcomers, competition for the public’s attention is fiercer than ever. So printing firms make a bid for your money using one of two main strategies.

“Either a Race to the Bargain Basement or Wild Claims about State-of-the-Art Quality.”

Some players in the market sacrifice everything else (print definition, ink quality, durability) to try and get their prices irresistibly low. While others give up competing on price and justify sky-high pricing with showy tech buzzwords and other gimmicks.

Why are Canvas prints so Expensive. Edge of stretched canvas photo print.

But refuses to join either camp. We know the technology of today is already good enough to produce first-class photo canvas that’s accessible to a general audience – no need for the gimmicks of tomorrow.

And we rely on streamlined production and economies of scale – never corner-cutting – to help us compete on price. You can rest assured we’ll stay inexpensive…but you’ll never catch us acting cheap.

Why Should I Choose Between Quality and Economy?

Some printing services offer several canvas choices at a range of prices. These options will vary as to the structural resilience and longevity of the canvas, and the quality of the print. As well as an economy-grade canvas material, you might be able to choose high-end alternatives like Chromata White or Lyve Matte Canvas.

“These are marketed as ultra-premium, state-of-the-art formats that will last as long as any photo print out there.”

But consider this. Canvas prints from are all sold at a standardized quality level – at a price far lower than any of the luxury-sector alternatives – but they’re also built to last for decades in the same fantastic condition. How many decades precisely? Well, you can expect your print to last at least 75 years before it begins to fade.

Why are Canvas Prints so Expensive? Mother and daughter looking at photo canvas prints.

Printed using high-performance HP Latex Inks (on canvas that’s specially certified for HP Latex printing), our canvas prints sell for as little as $5 – without any compromises when it comes to product quality, service, delivery, etc.

We rely on a tested formula to bring you hypoallergenic, eco-friendly prints, guaranteed to withstand the effects of sunlight glare thanks to our UV-proof inks. Selling our canvas at a single, dependable grade keeps our prices low, keeps our quality high…and keeps our customers returning again and again. Bottom line - might be the cheapest place to get canvas prints without having to settle for a subpar product.

“Our photo prints stay 100% faithful to the original images, without the use of solvents or potentially harmful additives.”

We focus on a wide market base of quality-minded consumers – people who want their cherished photo memories immortalized on canvas quickly and professionally, with no unnecessary frills. And we see no reason to make our customers pay above the odds.

Why are Canvas Prints so Expensive. Person with white gloves holding canvas print

Making our prints as accessible as possible means we can grow our customer base. Growing our base means we can keep sales high. Keeping sales high means we can keep overheads low – and then pass those savings on to you.

So you can keep printing your tributes to the most beautiful moments in life – from dream vacations to fairy-tale weddings – at a price that’s right.

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, affordable service to print your photos on canvas, be sure to try – we’re the proof you need that quality canvas prints don’t have to cost a fortune!

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