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Top Pinterest Office Decor Ideas for Your Workspace

user iconby Gvido Grubeclock icon5 Minutescalender icon2023-12-31

Pinterest office decor ideas for the age of #homeoffice. Explore the best Pinterest office decor ideas in our latest article.

Having a modern, orderly home office can be useful at any time, not just in exceptional circumstances. Adapting to the home office routine is something entirely new for millions of us, but working from home has been a practical choice for much of the workforce ever since internet speeds got high enough to allow it.

Whether you have to look after your kids, take care of your pet after surgery or just stay home in a blizzard, having an office space that’s cozy, efficient and inspiring will always come in handy.

So let’s have a look at some of the most impressive home office decor ideas handpicked from the world’s largest catalog of interior design inspiration: Pinterest.

#1 Plants...Lots of Plants

Surrounding yourself with plants is a great way to bring some life into the mundane office environment. As well as being pleasant to look at, they can actually make you feel better physically.

Plants are known to improve indoor air quality and reduce stress levels – making for a more relaxed and productive working experience. Add some ethnic prints and echoes of the boho style and you’ve got a look going.

#2 Organize Your Stuff with Pegboards

Pegboards might be a novel idea to some, but they’re a familiar hack for many of us who care about economy of space and organization. Schedules, pencil holders, reminders, calendars – everything’s displayed on a single board that you can survey with a quick glance.

You can also use it to display your favorite photos, memorabilia and other effects from your personal life, helping you keep a positive attitude when you’re at the coalface.

#3 Keep it Light and Minimalistic

For some of us it’s order and a sense of space that bring the greatest psychological benefits. Avoid visual excess and keep the amount of stuff on your desk to a minimum and you should find your mind is less cluttered too.

To optimize your home office setup, we recommend using an ergonomic shelf unit like the one seen here. Complete the look with organic elements, decorative plants, wooden surfaces and perhaps a personalized canvas photo print or two.

#4 Soothing Tones and Rustic Elements

Beige and brown tones, wood textures and woven items – a rustic touch will help you create a homely, warming atmosphere. The perfect design choice if you want to create a stress-free environment where inspiration flows.

#5 Corkboard Walls

Another clever way to optimize your home office setup is to use corkboard walls. Easy to install and a pleasure to use, these work in a similar way to pegboards. Pin up your schedule, reminders, favorite quotes and photos, or just any images that keep you inspired. A simple solution that keeps all your favorite things displayed in one place.

#6 Keep it Classic and Classy

If you find the omnipresent IKEA look a bit wearying, you might want to travel back to a time before mass-production to help you get inspired. Heavy oakwood tables, leather chairs, vintage table lamps – these are timeless items with the gravitas to focus your mind on achieving excellence and nothing but.

#7 Unleash Your Boho-Self

For some folks, the work suit and tie – and all the other routines of corporate life – are at odds with their inner nature. Well, the good news is that remote work liberates you from many of those buttoned-up obligations. So you can forget the long face, put on your favorite record and get colorful.

#8 Take Minimalism to the Next Level

But a minimalist approach might work better if your profession requires strict focus and concentration. Here it’s all about keeping to the essentials, with anything that might distract your attention swept out of view. This approach can also create a mood of refined sophistication.

#9 Give Yourself a Window on the World

At times, there’s no poster or quote which can stir our imagination like the day-to-day scenes playing out beyond our window. Setting up your home office in front of a window will stop you feeling cooped up and give you all the natural benefits of daylight. If the job’s starting to bring you down, just open the window and breathe in some fresh air.

#10 Home Office for Lovebirds

Finally, nothing says “modern love” quite like a home office set up for two. A dual workstation means you can support each other in your professional as well as personal lives. And having the most important person in your life within smooching distance should give you the strength to face any challenges work throws at you.

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