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How to Get Canvas Prints with Free Shipping

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Looking for canvas prints with free shipping? Read our guide and learn how to save on delivery when shopping with CANVASDISCOUNT!

If you've ever placed an online order, you'll know how disheartening it can be when the shipping charges get added to the cost of your purchase. It’s no wonder that many of us are always on the lookout for online services offering free delivery. Well, we’ve got some good news – canvas prints with free shipping are available right here at CANVASDISCOUNT! Read on to learn how it works…

How to Get Canvas Prints with Free Shipping at CANVASDISCOUNT

How to Get Canvas Prints with Free Shipping. Young woman receiving her photo canvas prints.

At CANVASDISCOUNT, we offer free delivery for orders above $70. This applies to canvas print orders and also purchases of other products such as home accessories and photo books.

There’s no need to make a special request for free shipping – it will be applied automatically if your order is worth $70 or higher.

However, please note the following qualifications:

Our standard delivery fee (for orders worth less than $70, delivered to the contiguous USA) is $7.90.

How Quick is CANVASDISCOUNT Free Delivery?

How to Get Canvas Prints with Free Shipping. Delivery vehicle transporting canvas prints.

If your order is eligible for free delivery, that won’t change our production or shipping practices. We’ll get to work just as fast!

Canvas prints will be ready for dispatch in just 24 hours from the moment we receive your order. The rest of our product range (other wall decor prints, home accessories, photo gifts) will take a bit longer: depending on the product, we’ll need 1-4 business days to print your item.

As soon as your prints are ready, they’ll be handed over to our trusted shipping partners for delivery to your front door. For most products, shipping will take an additional 1-4 business days.

That means you can expect your CANVASDISCOUNT order to arrive 2-8 business days* from the moment your payment is processed.

If you’re curious to learn more about what happens between ordering and receiving your print, check out our article dedicated to photo print delivery.

*Orders for MIXPIX® photo tiles should take 6-10 days.

Our Tips for Saving on Shipping

How to Get Canvas Prints with Free Shipping. Saving money on free shipping.

As our free shipping applies to orders above $70 only, you might be wondering if it makes sense to spend a bit extra so that your order qualifies. This really depends on what you’re buying.

If you only need a single print and it’s priced at, say, $20, you’re obviously better off paying for standard shipping than spending $50 extra so you qualify for free delivery. Then again, if you’re planning to get more prints in the future, ordering them all now could save you real money on delivery costs.

Here's some tips for clustering your custom print purchases to save on shipping:

Don’t Miss Out on Canvas Prints with Free Shipping

How to Get Canvas Prints with Free Shipping. Gallery wall with multiple photo prints.

Canvas prints with free shipping are just one of the many advantages of shopping at CANVASDISCOUNT. There’s also our well-deserved reputation for exceptional print performance, and the fact that we use solvent-free, hypoallergenic inks for all our products. Oh, and did we mention that we offer a lowest-price guarantee for the USA?

Explore our product range now and order vibrant customized prints at factory prices. And of course the bonus of free delivery on orders worth $70 or more!

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