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Photo Print Delivery - What You Must Know

user iconby Gvido Grube clock icon2020-01-17


Photo print delivery can sometimes have its challenges. That said, ensuring we print and deliver photos on time is our top priority.

Let’s face it, canvas photo print delivery is a subject most people only explore if they’ve had a bad experience. But we hope you find it useful to find out exactly what takes place in the mysterious interval between ordering and receiving your print

Contents in Brief:

What Happens Immediately After You Order Your Photo Print

Getting Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Modern canvas printing press.

Claims that your print enters the production cycle immediately after you've placed your order are nothing short of the truth. The photo of your choice indeed enters our database as soon as you’ve checked out and we waste no time in getting it printed on your chosen format.

“That said, production times may vary depending on the product type.”

While items such as canvas prints or photo blankets take no more than 24 hours to produce, it can take twice that time for products in our Photo Gifts section. Since the manufacture of certain items calls for specific materials and printing expertise, our team works across multiple production sites. Nevertheless, production time for a Photo Gifts item won’t exceed 48 hours.

Getting Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Canvas print edge close-up.

Still warm from the printers, your item is rushed over to be packed up. And it’s here that we delve into the mysteries of the delivery process…

How Your Canvas Prints are Delivered to Your Home

We give our customers a pledge that their order will be delivered within 2-6 business days of dispatch – adding up to a total wait, production time included, of 3-8 business days from purchase. We’re proud of our delivery record, although like any online shop we’re duty-bound to qualify our pledge – because in exceptional circumstances your parcel’s journey to your doorstep may take longer.

Getting Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Inspecting customer order with parcels in background.

“How fast your package is delivered depends to a large extent on your location. Bear with us as we explain how this works.”

Now, keep in mind these two, as they’re essential to understanding the delivery process.

The usual course of photo print delivery is as follows: Once we’ve prepared your product for dispatch, it’s collected by our shipping partner. The parcel then travels to the processing center where, just like any regular mail, it’s sorted according to ZIP code and other variables (e.g. size). Sorting complete, your print is all set for the voyage to its final delivery point.

“In the best-case scenario, you’ll receive your print in no more than 2-3 days.”

This scenario depends on the delivery happening during a calm sales period. And most of all it depends on the journey involving no more than one distribution center on the way.

Getting Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Delivery service giving parcel to customer.

If your place of residence happens to be near the shipping company's headquarters, the parcel should travel directly to your home or the nearest post office.

"But this might not be so, and you should be aware of other possible delivery outcomes before ordering your prints."

Your package might go through several distribution centers, in each of which it gets scanned for the journey onwards. This is particularly common with parcels crossing the country from coast to coast.

Getting Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Order on factory conveyor.

If your order needs to be scanned at multiple points along the way, you can expect to wait a day longer – or even more – for it to finally arrive.

Orders of Multiple Prints

If you buy more than a single item, there’s a chance that your prints will be travelling in separate packages. This is particularly likely if your order contains items from more than one of our product categories (Wall Decoration, Home and Lifestyle and Photo Gifts).

Not only do these categories have different production times, the packaging we use also varies considerably between them. If you order, for example, a photo canvas print and a pair of photo mugs, these will need to be packed up separately because of their differing size and shape.

“We aim to get each item sent off to you as soon as it’s ready. And needless to say, parcels dispatched separately are likely to arrive on different dates too.”

Common Mishaps and Other Headaches

Occasionally the automated scanning system will find a tracking number illegible. In these cases manual input is required, using the ZIP code instead of the tracking number. This often gives the customer the impression that their order’s come to a standstill (as there are no updates to the tracking system and it shows as permanently “in transit”) when in fact the parcel’s well on its way.

Getting Your Canvas Prints Delivered on Time. Inspecting orders at sorting center.

Delays are also common during the busiest shopping seasons, such as the Holiday Season and the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. These snarl-ups are often beyond the control of both the printing service and the shipping provider, as they’re caused by orders from different online stores clashing at the distribution center. However, even if you’re experiencing a severe delay, it’s almost certain that your order will find its way to you eventually.

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Bottom Line

Naturally, our production team and our shipping partners do all they can to make the delivery process as smooth and efficient as possible. Although there’ll always be obstacles that stand in our way, at we always do our utmost to overcome them. Thousands of satisfied clients can attest to that. “Simple purchase, speedy delivery” is our watchword.

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