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What Is the Best Resolution for Canvas Prints?

user iconby Gvido Grube clock icon2019-11-14


What’s the best resolution for a canvas print? Read our guide to learn more about the optimal resolution needed for canvas prints!

The best resolution for a canvas print can be a tricky thing to figure out – if you've ever attempted to get your photo printed on canvas, you’ll know what we're talking about. Often people have a favorite image in mind, but it doesn’t have the resolution needed for the canvas size they want. If they go ahead with their print anyway, the finished product could be a blurry disappointment!

Here’s how you can make sure this unpleasant situation doesn’t happen in your case!

Pick the Smallest Size Formats for Low-Resolution Photos

What is the best resolution for a canvas. Smallest available canvas print size with a laptop in the background.

Some photos have a special significance for us that far outstrips their technical quality. They might not have been taken with a high-end camera, they might not boast an incredibly high resolution, but they’re the ones that are closest to our hearts. An image like this could have a resolution below 200 x 200 pixels (px) and we’d still want to get it printed. So what to do?

“To get a great-looking canvas when using a low-resolution photo, you should print it in either an 8” x 8” or 8” x 12” format. Simple as that.”


You might think that choosing a smaller size format will take something away from the quality, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Even our smallest canvas prints combine state-of-the-art printing technology and expert craftsmanship. Perfectly stretched over a quality spruce wood stretcher frame, an 8” x 8” print might be small but it’s beautiful too!

And smaller prints come with another great feature: you get the choice of an easel back, meaning your canvas can be displayed on flat surfaces as well as on the wall.

So check the resolution of your image, and if the pixel count is 460 x 310 or lower, simply choose the smallest format. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the results.

“What If You Want to Go Really Big?”


If you really want a large size format, there’s no way around it – you’re going to need a high-resolution photo. This means that you might need to take the photo with a large-scale canvas photo print already in mind.

What is the best resolution for a canvas. Beautiful photo canvas print on a mantel.

So think about the resolution you’ll need. Here’s a list of minimum resolutions for some of our most popular larger-scale canvas print formats:

Recommended Picture Resolutions for Mid- to Large-Scale Canvas Prints

What If I Nearly Hit the Mark but Not Quite?

What is the best resolution for a canvas. Measuring inches.

Does this mean you can’t print your beloved photo if it doesn’t quite reach the suggested resolution? Not necessarily.

Even if the pixel count falls slightly short of what’s recommended, the sheer quality of our cutting-edge printing facilities should compensate for this. Thanks to the exceptionally deep colors and vivid contrasts we can achieve, you won’t always need crystal-clear resolution to get stunning results.

Using HP latex inks, we’ll recreate your image on the canvas pixel by pixel, giving you the best digital reproduction of your photo that you could hope for.

And remember – once you’ve uploaded your image, our website will only offer you the format options best suited to your resolution size. So there’s no chance of selecting a format that’s far too big for your image.

“For a more detailed insight, make sure to check out the Formats and Prices section to get precise measurements for your future canvas!”


Keep in mind that the minimum resolution will vary depending on which wall decoration product you choose.

For example, an 8” x 8” photo canvas will do just fine with a 310 x 310 px image – but a framed photo of the same size will need 420 x 420 px. And for an acrylic print this rises to 600 x 600 px.

For these last two formats, the print is reproduced on authentic photo paper. A high-resolution image will mean you can take full advantage of this professional-standard technology.

Should I Prepare My Photos, Then?

What is the best resolution for a canvas. Taking photo for canvas printing with a phone.

Fortunately, the chance that your photo is too small even for the smallest formats is close to zero. These days the cameras in smartphones are often on par with their conventional alternatives, so most of the photos we receive, even the candid ones, have a more than decent resolution just by default. With that said, it’s never a bad idea to use the best photo equipment you’ve got whenever you want to capture those special moments.

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