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What Is Canvas Printing?

user iconby Maria Johnsonclock icon5 Minutescalender icon2024-04-10

Is canvas printing all it’s cracked up to be? In this article we explore the pros and cons of custom canvas prints!

Photo canvas printing has become more popular than ever in recent years. Thanks to advances in printing technology, gallery-quality photo products are now available at bargain prices. Canvas prints boast outstanding color reproduction and HD resolution – and the public is starting to realize what great value canvas represents. But surely there’s a flipside too? Some hidden drawbacks that potential buyers need to know about? We’ve put together a list of the pros and cons of canvas prints – read on!

The Pros & Cons of Canvas Printing. Photo canvas print showing young lady with flowers.

(Just) 4 Reasons to Choose Canvas Printing

1) Superlative Quality

Canvas prints are better than ever. Choose a respected provider like and you’re guaranteed pin-sharp definition and gorgeous, saturated colors. We use nothing but HP latex printing for our photo reproductions. HP latex inks were developed to combine the best qualities of solvent-based and water-based solutions. That means you get the intensity and clarity of solvent-based inks but you also get a hypoallergenic, eco-friendly product.

2) Huge Range of Size Formats

Here at we offer more than 20 formats of canvas print – square, portrait/landscape and panorama prints of all sizes. That means you’ll find a print size to match almost any image you upload – our formats start from 8" x 8", so even a small photo should be fine. Note that when you upload a photo, our website analyses the file and offers you only the formats that are suited to your image, so you don’t need to worry about choosing the right size. Ultra-crisp resolution comes guaranteed every time!

The Pros & Cons of Canvas Printing. Photo canvas gallery wall with young people at music festival.

3) Fantastic Durability

Canvas prints are stronger and longer-lasting than ever. Buy a print from and you can expect the colors to last at least 75 years before they start to fade. We achieve this by using a superbly absorbent premium canvas material that was specially designed for HP latex printing. That means no lamination or glass covering needed – our canvas prints come with an elegant matte finish that soaks up sunlight without reflecting it back into the room. That means you can hang your print wherever you like without having to worry about glare.

4) Each Print is a Unique Design Statement

Canvas prints are unique products made with your personal photos – produced to a quality that sets them apart from mass-produced wall decor like posters. And they’re available for a small fraction of the price of other premium wall art (think paintings and gallery photos).

Hang a canvas print on your wall and it just looks special. And, despite the surge in popularity canvas prints have enjoyed in recent years, they’re still far from commonplace – meaning you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd when entertaining guests. The wow factor comes as standard!

The Pros & Cons of Canvas Printing. Large photo canvas print showing beautiful mountain terrain.

So Are There Any Drawbacks?

You can probably tell by now that we’re committed champions of canvas. But there must be some cons mixed in with all those pros, right?

Here are a couple of questions to consider before you make your mind up:

1) Do You Want Budget…or Super-Budget?

Canvas prints are amazingly cheap for such premium items, but they still can’t compete on price with mass-produced wall decor like paper photo prints or posters. After all, your print from is a complete one-off, stretched by hand on a real spruce frame.

If finding the lowest price is your first, second and third priority, you might want to look elsewhere. But we’re convinced our prints are as cheap as our high quality standards allow. Thanks to our automated printing, in coordination with expert traditional craftsmanship, we can reduce production costs without relaxing our quality standards.

So how cheap are we talking about? Well, our prices start from just $5 for an 8” x 8” canvas. We think that speaks for itself. Oh, and all our formats come with a best-price guarantee.

The Pros & Cons of Canvas Printing. Wedding photo canvas print with couple kissing.

2) Where Will You Display Your Print?

The printed surface of your canvas will be left bare when it’s hung on the wall. This is all part of the natural charm of canvas printing, but it’s still worth bearing in mind when you consider where your print’s going to be displayed.

Although canvas is a highly resilient fabric, it’s a fabric nonetheless – meaning it has a couple of natural vulnerabilities:

But if you can find a wall space where your canvas will be protected from excessive moisture – and from your two-foot tearaways – then it should give you many decades of pleasure, in the same great condition it arrived in.

So, Are Canvas Prints Worth It?

Well, we’ve pondered the pros and considered the cons, and as far as we’re concerned, the former outweigh the latter by a clear margin! And no wonder – canvas printing really does give you outstanding quality for such affordable prices. If you’re looking for premium wall art that will give you a lifetime’s service for the minimum outlay, canvas prints have to be the right choice.

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