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How to Frame a Rolled Canvas Print

user iconby Gvido Grubeclock icon5 Minutescalender icon2024-01-31

Wondering how to frame a rolled canvas print? It's easier than you might think! Read this brief explainer to find out more.

To make things simple, you can think of rolled canvas as your regular photo canvas print that’s just missing the finishing touch. This finishing touch, of course, being the stretcher frame. At we frame canvas on hand-assembled wooden frames made from FSC-approved spruce.

How to frame a rolled canvas print. Stretcher bars and rolled canvas.

And what if you want to have a beautiful decorative frame on your ready-stretched canvas? No worries – we’ve got you covered on that one too.

Once you’ve read about how easy it is to frame a rolled canvas print with, you might decide to let the experts take care of this one. But we’ll take a look at the DIY alternatives too, so that if you’re feeling adventurous you can go it alone!

Framing Rolled Canvas Prints – It’s What We Do Every Day

Just to be clear, rolled canvas prints are not featured in the product catalog. However, as the fabric is printed before it’s stretched on the spruce frame, you could say that each of our canvas prints starts life as a rolled canvas print.

Our experienced professionals produce thousands of prints every month, and our advice on this question is clear: we recommend that everyone who buys a canvas print goes for the ready-stretched option.

How to frame a rolled canvas print. Multiple stretched canvas prints

Why, you might ask? Well, first and foremost, getting your canvas stretched professionally reduces the risk of sagging, and makes it less prone to shipping damage and everyday wear and tear. An expertly hand-stretched canvas will arrive perfectly taut – and will stay that way, giving your image the strength and dynamism of a classic painting.

And of course, getting your canvas ready-framed is simply more convenient. It saves you the hassle of assembling the stretcher frame, wrapping the canvas so that it’s perfectly centered and as level as possible, then attaching it securely to the back of your frame.

What are the DIY Alternatives?

If you were to believe some of the half-hearted tutorials on the web, you’d think it was a good idea to glue a rolled canvas print onto a cardboard frame, or simply wrap it on any rectangular structure within arm’s reach. We strongly disagree. In our opinion, only the tried-and-true classic techniques give you dependable results.

How to frame a rolled canvas print. Man inserting wedge in canvas stretcher frame.

If you’re set on DIY framing, the best option is to buy a ready-assembled wooden stretcher frame (available at any good art supply store). You can also assemble the frame yourself from separate wooden stretcher bars (also widely available). Both options will require the use of “keys”, the small triangle wedges that are inserted in the joint points to give stretched canvas the necessary degree of tension.

During the fastening process, make sure the pressure is equally distributed across the frame to avoid future warping of the canvas. Meanwhile, the best way to secure the canvas fabric to the back of the frame is with a staple gun. Once you’re satisfied that your canvas is optimally stretched, get rid of any spare fabric by simply cutting it off with scissors or a scalpel.

What If I Want an Extra Frame Around My Print?

It’s a great idea! Once your printed canvas has been wrapped on its stretcher frame, surrounding it with a decorative outer frame can give your image that classic gallery look, turning it into a genuine show-stopper. If you are interested, please check out our other article explaining what a floating frame is.

How to frame a rolled canvas print. Gallery wall with framed photo canvas prints.

A variety of beautiful decorative frames is available on our website, so you can choose a bold single color to accentuate the hues of your image, or maybe choose a timeless wood effect.

And what really sets our premium frames apart is the so-called “floating" frame look. The edges of your stretched canvas will remain visible in the gap between its two frames, creating the illusion that your print is floating unsupported inside its outer frame.

While you’re certainly free to choose whichever framing method you prefer, we feel justified in claiming that is your best bet. Accessible, wallet-friendly, and offering a lightning-quick 24-hour turnaround, we’ll turn your dream of the perfect framed canvas print into reality.

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