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What Is a Canvas Print: All You Need to Know

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What is a canvas print and how is it made? If you’re wondering what are canvas prints made of, be assured – you aren’t the only one.

So - what is a canvas print? In short, a canvas print is an image printed directly onto canvas material. The canvas may then be stretched and mounted onto a wooden frame, creating a durable piece of wall art. Canvas prints are a popular choice for displaying personal photos, artwork, and more.

Your Canvas Print Begins in a Forest

It might sound suspiciously like a fairy tale intro, but this really is how it all starts. The frame for your canvas is made from carefully selected pine wood that grows in responsibly managed forests. The wood is delivered to the factory, where a special drying process takes place. Once the wood reaches the optimal EM (equilibrium moisture content), it’s ready for further processing.

What is a canvas print. Your Canvas begins in forest.

What Happens Next?

We often like to promote canvas prints as a really successful meet-up between traditional craftsmanship and modern technological prowess. A premium canvas print can’t be made without the best of both. The frame is manually assembled – and the canvas later stretched over the frame – by experienced masters of their craft.

What is a canvas print. Stretching canvas with staples

Meanwhile, the print reproduction of your photo is the result of sophisticated technology in action. Special HP latex inks are applied to the canvas to create a pixel-perfect copy of the original photo. Sharp and vivid, the canvas print version of your photo will leave you wide-eyed.

What’s the Difference Between Canvas Print, Poster and Painting Canvas?

Probably we can best explain what a canvas print is by telling you what it definitely is not. People often confuse canvas prints with posters, although the difference is obvious enough. What distinguishes a poster is the lack of any solid backing; unlike a canvas print, it has no wooden frame.

What is a canvas photo print. Beautiful photo canvas

To be sure, a poster has its fair share of fine qualities. But a canvas print, by definition, is a more substantial decor piece. With vastly different lifespans, maintenance options, and means of printing, the two mediums are really worlds apart.

What about a canvas made for photo printing as opposed to one made for painting? Again, it’s hard to compare the two. Both were born out of the same circumstances (in that there was a desire to find cheaper and more accessible alternatives to traditional painting frames), but they could hardly be more different.

What is a canvas print. Bird photo canvas print.

While the painting canvas can come either with or without the gesso layer and is usable in both formats, the photo printing canvas will never be stretched on the frame prior to printing and is always a ready-made product. If you want to learn more about strecthed canvas prints and their specifics, check out our article explaining what is gallery wrap.

Are Photo Canvas Prints Worth Your Money?

What is a canvas print. Woman holding family photo canvas print.

If you’re planning to display your photo on your wall, there’s simply no cheaper alternative to having it printed on canvas. But you still have to be really careful when choosing a print merchant. To make sure your canvas won’t compromise on quality, it’s always worth checking out review sites to see the feedback left by customers. It’s probably today’s most authentic and reliable source of information for potential customers. Luckily, has some of the best reviews around.

With thousands of loyal customers, incredible delivery terms, and low prices that are all but impossible to match, is the right platform for your first canvas printing experience. And we’re sure that there’ll be many more to come! With an entry price of $5 for an 8” x 8” canvas, you’re getting the ultimate in value.

What Is a Canvas Print: All You Need to Know

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