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What Is Rolled Canvas Print?

Recently, we shared some insights into the distinctions between a regular poster and a photo canvas print. Now, reading this piece might throw those distinctions into doubt – at least if you judge by a quick look at the rolled poster and rolled canvas side by side. At first glance they look pretty much the same, and you might not be able to tell the difference at all. But these are definitely two different things – here we explain why.

It’s Basically a Frameless Canvas

What is rolled canvas print. Canvas roll close up.

When the word canvas is mentioned in the context of canvas prints, people usually tend to think of the full kit – the stretcher frame, possibly keys, and obviously the fabric that’s stretched over the frame. However, in its original meaning, the term canvas refers only to the fabric. So really you can think of a rolled canvas print as simply a canvas print without a frame. With that said, there are a couple of differences that might help you choose when ordering your new canvas print.

Stretched canvas vs. rolled canvas

What is rolled canvas print. Canvas rolls with frames studio.

So rolled canvas is essentially a regular canvas before it’s stretched over a frame. In the majority of cases, the same material, the same inks and the same production methods go into creating both of them. Still, people might pick the rolled canvas version for the following reasons:

The convenience factor is undeniable – there’ll always be room for a rolled canvas in your traveling bag. A rolled canvas can also be the most wallet-friendly option on the shelf, yet this isn’t always true. Long gone are the days when the inclusion of a stretcher frame automatically meant a significant increase in price.

What is rolled canvas print. Brilliant white canvas roll on wooden surface.

Thanks to sellers like, the pricing ecosystem has changed beyond recognition, and today, finding a wallet-friendly yet high-quality canvas print is easier than ever. Simply paying an additional dollar or two means that experienced craftsmen will stretch your canvas in the factory before it’s shipped out to you.

What is rolled canvas print.Tools for making canvas.

For those who are keen to create their wall decor from scratch, the rolled canvas will always be the first choice. However, the DIY approach could mean you end up with a spoiled print, so if there’s no plan B or the print’s intended as a gift, caution is advised. All things considered, the stretched canvas photo print is definitely the safer option to take.

The Pros of Rolled Canvas

Let’s quickly weigh the benefits of rolled canvas print against those of its framed counterpart:

The Pros of Stretched Canvas

Which Photo Canvas Style Should You Choose?

What is rolled canvas print. Stretched canvas frame close up.

This really boils down to customer preference. While making a canvas by yourself might sound like an exciting budget option, one slip of the hand and it can turn out to be a false economy. So we have to conclude that a stretched canvas is the more sensible option. After all, it’s a product brought to you by industry professionals with years of experience.

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