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What is Forex® Photo Board? The Complete Guide

user iconby Martha Evelynclock icon3 Minutescalender icon2023-12-31

What is Forex® photo board? What are the advantages of printing your photos on Forex®? Read this piece to find out.

Got an empty wall space you want to fill with wall decor, but can’t find the right product at the right price? We might just have the solution! In this article, we’ll introduce one of our most accessible and wallet-friendly products – the Forex® photo board print.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about photo board, explain why it’s such a great choice, and answer the most common questions people have.

In This Article:

What is Forex® Photo Board?

What is Forex® Photo Board? The Complete Guide. Forex® Photo Board featuring photo of couple by the beach.

Forex® photo board is a rigid ¼“-thick panel made from foamed PVC. Twice as light but just as sturdy as regular PVC, Forex® hardfoam is superbly durable but conveniently lightweight – making it especially suitable for display on tiled walls and other delicate areas. uses pure-white Forex® to make our latest wall art solution – the Forex® photo board print. Combining cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship, the print on photo board offers exceptional print quality, a super-light build, and superb durability (even if displayed outside).

Your image will be reproduced on photo paper, then laminated onto the Forex® board. The white edges of the hardfoam panel combine with the glossy finish of the print surface to achieve a striking contemporary look.

What are the Advantages of the Forex® Photo Board Print?

What is Forex® Photo Board? The Complete Guide. Close-up of Forex® Photo Board.

Forex® prints can be displayed virtually anywhere in your home. Once dried, PVC hardfoam becomes UV-resistant and waterproof, which means you can display your photo board print in the bathroom and other humid areas – or even outdoors.

As Forex® prints are very lightweight, they’re easy to transport, making them ideal for use outside the home too. Photo board prints are a great choice for show booths at exhibitions and conferences, as well as sign making and other marketing purposes.

And last but not least – because PVC is less expensive than many other wall decor substrates, Forex® is one of our most affordable print solutions.


5 Top Reasons to Choose Forex® Photo Board

What is Forex® Photo Board? The Complete Guide. Large-format Forex® Photo Board displayed in room.

There are many reasons to choose Forex® for your photo printing. Here we list our top 5!

  1. Light as a feather yet sturdy: Their low weight makes Forex® prints a great choice for more vulnerable walls, and also a safe option for decorating children’s bedrooms.

  2. Superbly durable: PVC is a particularly hard-wearing material – meaning you can expect to enjoy your Forex® print for many decades to come.

  3. Suitable for display almost anywhere: Waterproof and UV-resistant, Forex® prints are perfect for display outdoors. Your photo print is also coated with a special laminate that protects against scratches and other wear and tear.  

  4.   Low prices: Forex® is available at a lower cost than our other premium prints such as acrylic or metal.

  5. Ultra-crisp resolution and brilliant colors: Your photo will be reproduced on real photo paper for a beautiful gallery aesthetic.


How to Order Your Forex® Print

 What is Forex® Photo Board? The Complete Guide. Forex® Photo Board full view.

Order your Forex® print online – 3 easy steps and you’re done:

  1. Go to the Forex® product page and upload your photo. (We can process .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .GIF or .WEBP image file formats, with a maximum data size of 60 MB.)

  2. Choose your preferred size format. (We offer a wide range of sizes for the Forex® photo print, from 8” x 8” up to 30” x 40”.)

  3. Enter your payment details and complete your order. Your item will enter the manufacturing cycle as soon as your payment has registered. And in just a few days your order will arrive at your door, courtesy of our trusted delivery partner.

Production and shipping takes 2-10 business days in total – so you won’t need to wait long for your brand-new, totally unique print.

There’s no better time than now! Choose a Forex® photo board print from and bring premium wall art to your home for a fraction of what you’d pay on the high street.

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