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Best Canvas Print Sizes - Which is the Right One for Me?

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Although the canvas print sizes for your photo are calculated automatically, there’s more to picking a good canvas size than that.

Customers often ask us how they can be sure they’re choosing the right canvas format. So in this article we’ll discuss everything you need to consider before you decide on the best photo canvas print size for you.

In This Article:

Is It Possible to Choose the Wrong Format for Your Photo?

Yes, it is. Or rather, it was. You’d be surprised how often the printing industry, not that long ago, would see misguided attempts to print large-scale canvas prints using photos the size of a postage stamp. However, with the advent of new online interfaces, the problem was mostly consigned to history.

Canvas sizes - which is the best for me? Close up photo of canvas print featuring happy couple.

Faced with unacceptable numbers of sub-standard prints, online providers like developed automated configuration processes. These calculated the most suitable canvas sizes for an uploaded photo, relieving the customer of the need to do so manually. They quickly became the industry standard.

Our configurator can analyze your photo in a split second, after which you’re offered only the formats that will produce a crisp and vibrant print. So your chance of ending up with a disappointing print is now close to non-existent.

Deciding On the Right Size for Your Canvas

Canvas sizes - which is the best for me? Gallery wall with multiple canvas prints.

You’ll usually be offered more than one size format after you upload your photo. Thanks to the accurate calculations of the configurator, you can be sure that any of the formats listed will be suitable for your photo. But which to choose?

Well, it’s a matter of personal preference of course. But it’s also worth thinking about where and how your print will be displayed.

To help you decide which format is the one for you, we’ve listed some of the most popular formats and their most common uses.

8” x 8”

Canvas sizes - which is the best for me? Small 8 x 8 inches photo canvas print.

Thanks to its convenient dinky size, the 8” x 8” format is perfect if want to fill one cell in a latticed shelf unit, or just plug a gap on your bookshelf. The 8” x 8” also makes an excellent tabletop decor piece, whether on your nightstand or your desk at work.

8” x 12”

Canvas sizes - which is the best for me? Small 8 x 12 inches landscape canvas print.

This format has convenient dimensions too, but it’s big enough to have centerpiece potential. With its landscape format, the 8” x 12” canvas print is a great fit for bedrooms and kitchens. You can also use multiple 8” x 12” prints to create a “gallery wall” display or a panoramic image spread across more than one panel.

16” x 16”

Canvas sizes - which is the best for me? Small 16 x 16 inches square photo canvas print.

If you’re looking for a high-impact photo canvas but you don’t have the wall space for an XL print, the 16” x 16” is small enough to fit into those in-between spots, but big enough to command attention. Add a premium frame and you’ll really get the wow factor!

20” x 16”

Canvas sizes - which is the best for me? Landscape photo canvas print.

An imposing landscape format, the 20” x 16” print lends itself well to wide-angle shots, whether swoon-worthy cityscapes or dramatic aerial shots. And this format is still fairly lightweight, meaning it can be installed and moved with the minimum of fuss.

60” x 30”

Canvas sizes - which is the best for me? Panorama photo canvas prints with New York skyline.

This popular panorama format is a genuine showstopper. The 30” x 60” print will make ideal hallway decoration or a stunning centerpiece for your living room. Like any panoramic print, it’s perfect for wide-angle photography.

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Canvas Prints and the Aspect Ratio

To ensure maximum quality for your canvas print, you should also consider the aspect ratio of your photo – and try to match it up with the print you have in mind. The aspect ratio of an image is the ratio (proportional relationship) of its width to its height. See the following examples:

Canvas sizes - which is the best for me. Canvas prints aspect ratio.

(Note: Formats with aspect ratios which differ greatly from that of your uploaded image will simply not be offered in the configurator.)

Final Word

Take some time to make sure you’ve chosen the perfect canvas format – it could be the difference between a good finished product and a great one. It’s always worth clicking on multiple options before making your final decision, because a format you hit upon by happy accident will often work better than the one you originally intended to buy.

In case you’re still unsure about any aspect of the ordering process, or you have any other questions about canvas prints, feel free to contact us using the message form below!

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