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How to Make Canvas Prints

user iconby Gvido Grubeclock icon5 Minutescalender icon2023-10-25

We certainly know how to make canvas prints. We’ve made more than two million so far! And now we’re ready to help you make yours.

Taking a range of crucial factors into account – convenience, price and performance consistency – we believe that the best way to make canvas prints is to design them online with the help of a trusted print provider like Yes, these days all you need to make canvas prints are a computer and a network connection. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how it’s done.

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Not got time to read the whole article? We’ve set out a brief list of instructions below so you can get going right away

How to Make Canvas Prints in a Few Simple Steps

All You Need to Make Canvas Prints:

What do you need to make a canvas print?

At we’re ready to print any digital photo from your collection on premium canvas. The only tool you’ll need is a working device (PC, tablet, or cell phone) with an internet connection. So as soon as you’ve chosen the image you want printed, you’re all set for creating your canvas print.

How to Make Canvas Prints. Woman ordering canvas prints online.

The whole process won’t take more than 5 minutes, which means you can easily place an order on your morning commute, or even waiting for a takeout at your favorite coffee shop. The streamlined simplicity of the process is one of the reasons we’re seeing thousands of new orders arriving every month.

How to make canvas prints. Dozens of photo canvas prints stacked together.

Upon landing on the shop homepage, you’ll immediately notice the “upload” button. If you’re ready to start, just click this button and you can begin designing your canvas. (Though you might want to browse the other products in the catalog first – there’s quite a selection).

What If I Want to Create a Canvas Print Myself?

If you’re determined to create your canvas print from scratch, there are a number of ways to go about this. You can try screen printing, though this is a somewhat outdated technique and won’t help you much if you’re looking for a premium-quality print of your photo.

How to make canvas prints. Wooden canvas stretcher frames.

You can get a rolled canvas print and try to attach it to a stretcher frame from the local art supplies store, or even – at a push – to a cardboard frame. But don’t expect a print with any real longevity. A professional-standard print requires real canvas stretching expertise, and even the best DIY efforts are likely to fall short of the mark.

How to make canvas prints. Three beautiful canvas prints on display.

While cardboard will certainly help you keep costs low if the bottom line is your top priority, it’s simply no match for a stretcher frame made of real wood. In other words – choosing between a DIY canvas print and a specialist-made one usually amounts to choosing between a few years of decent performance…and many decades of guaranteed enjoyment.

Are Photo Canvas Prints Expensive?

How to make canvas prints. Piggy bank close up.

No, they aren’t. At least, not if you buy them here at We provide our customers with a lowest-price-in-USA guarantee, which means you won’t get the same quality for a lower price anywhere in the country. The entry price for our canvas prints is just $5 (for our 8” x 8” print), while even an imposing format like the 16” x 30” print comes in at less than $40. With rock-bottom prices like these, you might find that buying the art supplies you need for a DIY canvas print is a false economy anyway!

Why Order with

As well as unbeatable prices and a wonderfully straightforward ordering process, we also offer you lightning-quick production times. Your order will go to production mere hours after you’ve placed the order, and every canvas print, regardless of size, is ready for shipping just 24 hours after manufacturing begins.

How to make canvas prints. Edge of canvas print.

We deliver nationwide, and shipping shouldn’t take more than a few days. Once your carefully packaged canvas arrives, it’s completely ready to hang on your wall. We recommend you add our canvas hanger set to your shopping cart – for just a few dollars extra, it makes the installation process quick and effortless.

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