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How to Hang a Canvas Without Any Fuss

user iconby Gvido Grubeclock icon5 Minutescalender icon2024-01-31​​

How to hang a canvas print is by far the most common query from our customers. This piece explains the process in its entirety!

Wondering exactly how to hang your canvas prints? You’re not the only one who isn’t sure. Hanging a canvas is actually a straightforward operation, but it’s always best to read a dependable how-to guide before you get started. So we decided to provide you with just that! Read on for more!

Contents in Brief:

Before You Start

Wouldn’t it make life simpler if you could order a simple-to-use canvas hanging kit online for just a few dollars?

You can! Order your canvas from and you can simply add our hanger set to any canvas print order in the shopping cart.

Our hanger set can be used for two different methods of hanging your prints. You just need to choose the method that’s right for the size format of your print.

Instructions in Brief:


This guide will explain both hanging methods. The first is recommended only for smaller canvas prints (no larger than 16” x 24”), while the second can be used for any of the formats sold at our shop.

Tools You’ll Need

How to Hang Your Canvas Print (Small Format)

How to hang canvas prints. Small-format photo canvas print on wall.

Note that the hanger set from includes all the parts needed for both hanging methods and you won’t need all of them to hang a small-format canvas print successfully. The parts you’ll need for a small print are as follows:

How to hang canvas prints. Close-up of canvas hanger set for small-format.

Step No. 1

Using the pencil, mark on the wall two guide points for the nails. The two nails will support the sawtooth hanger – so the distance they sit apart from each other should match the distance between the first and last notches of the sawtooth hanger

How to hang canvas prints. Two nails with red attachments hammered into wall for hanging pictures. ​​

Make sure the two marks are on an even plane so that your canvas doesn’t hang askew – use the level to help with this. Once you’re happy that the guide points are in the right position, hammer in the nails.

Step No. 2

Using the two long black screws, attach the sawtooth hanger to the top stretcher bar at the back of your canvas print. The hanger should be attached on a level plane and with the serrated edge facing downwards.

How to hang canvas prints. Sawtooth hanger attached to top edge of canvas frame.

Step No. 3

Suspend your canvas by simply resting the sawtooth hanger on the heads of the nails. And that’s that, your small-format canvas print is ready for display!

How to hang canvas prints. Small-format canvas print on display.


How to Hang Your Canvas Print (Large Format)

How to hang canvas prints. Large-format photo canvas print displayed on wall.

The second method, recommended for larger-format canvas prints, isn’t quite as super simple as the first – but it still shouldn’t cause you any trouble.

How to hang canvas prints. Canvas hanger set for large-format canvas prints.

Step No.1

Using the four shorter screws, secure the picture hooks to the side stretcher bars of the canvas, so that each “D” of the D-rings is pointing inward towards the other. We recommend doing a bit of measuring first to make sure the D-rings are level with each other. Ideally they should be attached slightly above the midpoint of the bars.

How to hang canvas print. The back of large-format canvas print with wooden frame visible.

Step No.2

Take the cord and thread it through each D-ring, pull it taut and then tie a knot at each end to fasten it. Cut off any spare length.

How to hang canvas prints. Back of large-format canvas print with cord.

Step No.3

Mark two points in pencil on the wall where the nails will go, making sure they’re level with each other. When you’re ready, hammer in the nails. They shouldn’t stick out of the wall further than the depth of the canvas frame, so make sure you get them deep enough.

How to hang canvas prints. Two nails hammered into wall for hanging pictures.

Step No.4

Hang your canvas by simply resting the length of cord on the nails. Done!

How to hang canvas prints. Large format photo canvas print on display.

Yes, it really is as simple as that! So now you’re all primed to get going, all we can do is wish you luck. Unless, that is, you haven’t ordered your canvas print yet – in which case you can go ahead and upload your photo right now!

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