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10 Common Myths About Personalized Canvas Prints: Part II

user iconby Maria Johnsonclock icon5 Minutescalender icon2023-12-31

We’re continuing our canvas print myth rundown – read nos. 6-10 of the most common misconceptions about custom canvas printing!

Last time we explored the first 5 of our top-10 myths about canvas prints – check it out now if you missed it! And with the help of our photo printing experts, we’re going to clear up some more canvas myths in Part 2. This time we focus on mistaken ideas about print quality, hanging systems, and framing options!

10 Common Myths About Personalized Canvas Prints: Part II. Young couple browsing for online canvas printing services.

Myth #6: Canvas Prints Need Framing

The canvas oil paintings that you see in museums are displayed in decor frames – which could explain why some people think a photo canvas for their home needs framing too. But even though today’s canvas prints come in the same basic design as traditional canvas paintings, a frame for your canvas simply isn’t essential. On the contrary, most prints are sold and displayed unframed.

At we sell our canvas ready stretched on an inner wooden frame. This means your print has great depth and presence even without an added external frame. What’s more, unframed canvas prints have a restrained, unfussy appearance which helps them blend in well with any decor scheme.

Myth #7: Canvas Prints Can’t Be Framed

10 Common Myths About Personalized Canvas Prints: Part II. Close-up of canvas stretcher frame.

On the other hand, if you do want to frame your canvas to get that classic gallery look, it’s easily done. For a modest extra cost, we offer additional Premium Frames for many of our canvas formats. These so-called “floating frames” leave a gap between the edge of the canvas and the outer frame – for an elegant, striking contemporary style. Our Premium Frames come in a choice of 5 great colors and textures.

Note that outer frames aren’t available for some of our biggest print formats, so check out the format list before placing an order.

Myth #8: Canvas Prints Need Professional Photos

10 Common Myths About Personalized Canvas Prints: Part II. Person taking photo with cell phone.

Not everyone has a pro camera at home, and many people interested in canvas prints are worried that their photos don’t have the quality for a large-scale reproduction. But for the most part their worries are unfounded – as these days you can take good-quality pictures even with a budget smartphone.

If you want to order a large canvas, you will need to upload a photo with a relatively high resolution (a.k.a. pixel count). But if you’re happy with a smaller format, just about any photo taken with an entry-level camera should be good enough. What’s more, the natural soft graininess of canvas fabrics is very forgiving of digital imperfections. For some photos, especially portraits, this can be a real bonus.

Myth #9: Canvas Prints are Blurry

10 Common Myths About Personalized Canvas Prints: Part II. Close-up of gallery-wrapped canvas print.

This myth stems from an irresponsible approach to printing that some providers have taken in the past. It was once common to let customers choose any canvas size for any photo – and since it’s not easy to judge the image size needed without experience, some buyers would upload photos that were too small. The inevitable result was blurry, pixelated prints. But this was always completely avoidable – and at we have a surefire way to stop it happening.

Our website automatically measures the resolution of the picture you upload, and offers you only the print formats it’s suitable for. This way you know you won’t end up with a blurry print, because the formats that are too big simply aren’t made available! But thanks to our state-of-the-art printing technology, if your image file is of a decent size you’ve got a good chance of being offered the format you wanted.

Myth #10: Canvas Prints Are Difficult to Hang

10 Common Myths About Personalized Canvas Prints: Part II. Young couple hanging canvas photo print on wall.

Another common myth that puts some people off is the idea that canvas prints are difficult to hang up. But nothing could be further from the truth – you really don’t need any specialist skills to hang a canvas. Plus, everything you could need is included in our dedicated hanger set, which you can add to your shopping cart for a small extra cost. And for your convenience, we’ve also published a detailed how-to that guides you through the hanging process for prints both small and large. We hope it comes in handy!

Canvas prints can be displayed without hanging too – you can just lean big prints against the wall or stand smaller formats on a shelf. One of the best things about canvas prints is their versatility – they look good wherever you place them!

Wrapping Up our Canvas Myth Series

In truth, most of the canvas print myths we’ve been discussing didn’t spring up for no reason – in this market, outdated printing technology, over-automation and just plain corner-cutting really have, on occasion, led to underwhelming results.

The best way to avoid disappointment is to choose a reliable provider. One with years of experience and the technological know-how needed to make genuinely first-class canvas. So what’s the best way to research a provider before you buy? You won’t do much better than authentic customer reviews. Here at we’re proud to have many thousands of satisfied clients. Why not take a look at what they’re saying on social media and get some first-hand reviews!

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